Wednesday, January 1, 2014

january goals

first of all, happy 2014, y'all! I am currently on vacation with the hubs and our two friends for the Georgia bowl game. I am loving this last bit of downtime before it's back to the real world on jan. 6th ; )

this year I am doing some more intense goal planning--which I will be sharing more of in the coming weeks--but I also want to stick to my monthly plans from my 101 in 1001 list. before we move on to my january goals, let's take a look back at my december goals.. 

[december 2013] goals
6. buy breakfast for all the teacher's on my grade level.
13. complete a service project with my students.
37. make a wedding album.
40. surprise adam with lunch at work.

SO. the first three were completed--no problem. I bought donuts for my students and the other third grade teachers (on the same day that someone else bought everyone bagles ;) 

I also completed a really special service project with my students. as a grade level we decided to collect supplies for local nursing homes. the kids seriously went above & beyond what I expected. It was so sweet to see their generous hearts! (the classroom coupons they got for bringing stuff in didn't hurt either..I am not above a little bribery ;) I was seriously one proud teacher. I always tell my students that my job is to not only teach them academics, but to teach them to be good people. I could write all day about this subject, but honestly they really did make me so proud with the generous hearts. 

I made 2 wedding albums--one for my parents & one for adam's parents. I made them on shutterfly and gave them to them for christmas. my mom cried--it was precious. I still plan to make one for us but didn't get around to it this month. I want to make an "old fashion" album with of our wedding pictures.. so I need to print those & find an album I like. 

I didn't get a chance to surprise adam at work with lunch & I am totally okay with that because he was off work as much as I was!! I love that his job is so flexible and that he was able to spend so much time at home with me. we really enjoyed our first married christmas! my heart literally did not stop smiling the entire time. I am looking forward to many more "firsts" together the first half of 2014!

now on to my [january goals]
7. help someone pull off a surprise.
18. send a random care package to a friend.
74. organize my classroom library.
76. be social media free for an entire weekend. 

I'm excited to get started on these goals! Do you have any specific goals for the month/new year? I would love to hear them!


  1. Loved this post! Great past and future goals - I am still working on mine!

  2. Love this! Trying to make progress on my own 101 in 1001 list!


  3. These look like such fun goals! Your kids sound so sweet. It's amazing how charitable kids can be when given the opportunity. I teach high school and my classes each adopted a family and bought them christmas presents and it was the sweetest thing.

    Good luck with your January goals...and sorry about the Georgia loss, hope it didn't ruin the trip!

  4. Love your goals!! And loved hearing about your December ones! :-)

    I had two goals for 2013: one was to make time each week for regular exercise (something that I did well in high school but in college have been slacking on) and the other is to make time each day for quiet time with the Lord!! I tend to get so busy that I put quiet time off until the end of the day or just miss it altogether, and I want to try and break that habit.

    On a different note, I also loved your Christmas haul post! I SO want the Naked 3 palette!

    xoxo A

  5. Those are so neat. I really like your idea of an old fashioned wedding album. There are so many "trendy" wedding things that we sometimes forget the sweet traditional ways of doing things.

  6. Teared up reading about your students project. You are such a wonderful role model, and I love that you tell them you teach them to be good people! Those are some lucky students! So great that Adam was able to stay home with you, too! Hope you enjoyed FL, best of luck getting back to reality! ;)

  7. I love your student project!! That is such a sweet thing to do. The social media free weekend is also a goal of mine! Good luck and Happy New Year!

  8. Love these goals! I want to have a social media free weekend too!