Friday, February 28, 2014

march goals

hey there! back again for more monthly goals. I have to say february was one of the hardest months we have had since getting married. some untimely (and very LARGE) expenses the first week of february really set us back the entire month. thank god for envelopes (am I right, victoria?!) that were able to bare some of the expense. we are thanking our lucky stars we made it to the end and are onto a brand new month with fresh pay checks in the bank!

just because I miss warm weather

february goals
26. finish decorating our bedroom
27. finish decorating adam's "georgia room"
44. celebrate our dating anniversary with dinner at porterhouse (our tradition!)

I'm not sure why I used the word "finish" in both of those goals because I don't think I will ever "finish" anything in our house. I like change too much and am constantly moving things around and tweaking things to make them exactly what I envision. but with that being said I did make significant progress in both rooms. you can see our master bedroom progress here and our georgia room (now turned guest room) here.

like I mentioned we took a pretty big financial hit this month that we were definitely not expecting so we decided to forego our traditional valentine's dinner this year and start a new (married!!) tradition of cooking at home and watching netflix. I love that we had a tradition for 5 years of dating, but I really love that were making new traditions as a married couple. maybe our untimely expense was a blessing in disguise : )

my goals this month are sweet and simple.

36. buy a new kitchen table/chairs
42. make adam a present for his birthday
99. make a day in the life video

I'm very excited about each of these goals & hope to check off a few more items on my 101 in 1001 list : )

Thursday, February 27, 2014

let's paint!

when we first looked at our house neither one of us was very crazy about the exterior paint color. we loved the style of the house (especially the tin roof!) but the color was just not doing it for us. over the last 6 months that we have lived here I have learned to love the color of our house more and more. It's definitely something I would have never chosen, but it works.

although the color has grown on me that doesn't keep me from daydreaming about what I would do should we choose to paint it sometime in the future. here are some of my favorite craftsman style home color combinations that I am currently drooling over...(click the pictures for a direct link)

I love the neutral look of this one

This one actually kind of reminds me of our current house, but I love the white trim!

I surprise myself with how much I like the Young House Love showhouse.. typically I am not a huge fan of such bold colors but this I love!

and of course I love the grey..

It's a good thing we aren't actually in the market to paint our home right now because I would have serious commitment issues. Which color combination is your favorite?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


 last week we enjoyed a mid-week double date with jessica and peter : ) we had dinner/dessert at ted's most best then headed to the georgia theatre for the ben rector concert!

saturday and sunday were spent enjoying the weather and spending time with my family. we celebrated nat'l margarita day at our favorite, sr sol! cg practiced writing her name..she is getting SO big!

we spent a good amount of time outside this weekend enjoying our house and our neighbors : )

sunday was one of the best days I've had in a long time. we got up early and went to the 9:00 service, then I met a friend at starbucks and had one of the best talks I've had in a was a real encouragement! the rest of the day was spent outside and napping..great day!

we are looking forward to another mid-week concert this week....this time josh abbott and the randy rogers band! 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

surprise trip to mississippi

one of the things I really really love about blogging is the friendships I have made. I genuinely forget sometimes that the girls I talk to daily are people I met on the internet. like that's just crazy to me. the first blogger I ever met in real life was nicole about 3 years ago.

for the past few months tyler, nicole's husband, and I have been texting back and forth trying to come up with a weekend where adam and I could surprise nicole! I have always been someone who HATES surprises. it is so hard for me to keep secrets but I was determined this time. after weekend after weekend not working out we finally found a weekend that worked for the both of us! several weeks ago after work on friday adam and I hit the road to mississippi. after battling atlanta and birmingham rush hour traffic we FINALLY pulled into n+t's driveway around 10pm. nicole was already asleep on the couch when I walked in and I'm pretty sure I scared her to death!! she sat there for a good five minutes in shock that we were in their house ; )

our weekend started off with a fun breakfast at brother junipers in memphis! 3 out of the 4 of us ordered cinnamon roll pancakes and they were to.die.for!! we spent the rest of the day shopping, napping, and hanging out!

we went back into memphis for dinner and dessert that night. we had some great seafood at pearl's oyster house and then headed to cheesecake corner for the best dessert of my life. I'm not a huge cheesecake fan but this stuff was unbelievable!!

on sunday we went out to breakfast again to a fun donut shop! if you follow me on instagram then you know how obsessed I am with donuts ; ) this was my favorite meal of the weekend! we spent the rest of the day shopping while the boys hung out and watched football. anthropologie, goodwill outlet, bath & body works, target, marshalls, homegoods...we pretty much hit every good spot ; ) we ordered pizza for dinner and just enjoyed being together.

we always joke that it's weird to be hanging out like "real" friends. most of our visits together have been for certain occasions like weddings and such. it was so nice to just hang out and do fun stuff together.

I am so thankful for blogging and the friendships it has brought me!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

we hosted our first event!

the first time we started looking at houses the one thing I kept telling adam was that I wanted a house that was big enough to host my family. my family gets together A LOT..and when I say family I'm talking about my, aunts/uncles, cousins, everybody!

on saturday night we hosted our first family event! my mom's side of the family always celebrates birthdays and january is a big birthday month for us. there were 7 of us who had birthdays in january but we weren't able to get together until the middle of feb ; )

it was so much fun having everyone over celebrating and showing off our new home! we can't wait to host again : )

Thursday, February 13, 2014

snow days & a new guest room

we knew on sunday/monday that we were going to be getting a pretty bad snow storm so we prepared as best we could and settled in monday night. we never imagined we would be completely snow/iced in for 4 days!!! anyone who has been in the south for any length of time knows just how hard it is for us to handle these weather situations..we just aren't cut out for all this cold weather mixed with snow and ice.

since I have had so much time on my hands I decided to tackle our guest bedroom. when we first moved in we put all of my college furniture/bedding into a room and claimed it as the "guest bedroom". it worked but I wasn't in love with it. but since we had a ton of guests in town during football season I had to live with it. we put all of adam's georgia stuff in another room with a couch and a t.v. and claimed it as his "man room." long story short, I hated that arrangement and knew I wanted to make a change. since mounting the t.v. from that room on our back porch (more on that soon!) adam's "man room" served zero purpose..and I hate that. last week I got ambitious and moved some furniture from room to room, had my dad pick up a dresser we no longer needed, and set up a completely new guest room. yesterday I finally had a chance to rearrange some of the prints in the room. I still have some more frames to repair and hang and we need actual bedding but since were still pretty stuck at home this will have to do for now....

I never thought we would have a georgia guest room but it works for us. since most of our over night guests are here for football games anyway why not give them the full experience, right? ; )

and plus... the other room needs to be empty for our future baby (that doesn't exist yet) !!

we also made some other decisions as far as the house goes. I can't wait to share some of the fun changes that will be taking place over the next few months that I think will make a HUGE difference in our home : )

Friday, February 7, 2014

cara box reveal

I know I see this a lot.. but the thing I love MOST about blogging is the community and friendships. there's just something about people who are bloggers/instagramers who just "get" each other. when I first came across the cara box swap on instagram I was really excited to join. not only do I love finding new ig accounts and blogs to follow, but meeting other ig'ers/bloggers from georgia is so fun to me! 

I love love loved getting to follow along and "get to know" my partners. the basic way to explain cara box is that you have 2 partners..1 that sends you a box and 1 that you send a box to after a few months of following each others accounts and getting to know each other. I think that is so much more fun then just swapping gifts with the same person. I had two really sweet girls as my partners and I hope to meet both of them in real life someday!

my sweet partner nicole sent me the greatest little package filled with awesome goodies. It was so fun to see the things she picked out for me based on getting to know me through e-mail and instagram. she was pretty much spot on with all of my gifts..especially the dunkin donuts gift card (is my obsession really that obvious?! haha!) 

here is a peak at what I got in my cara box this month...

thanks again, nicole!

Monday, February 3, 2014

february goals

oh, my heart is so happy to see this month come. january was such a long and just down right dreadful month. with the exception of one fun weekend in memphis (more on that this week) & my snow day birthday january pretty much stunk. I really hate that I don't like january, but really it's just the worst month for me--always. not sad to see it go! february is my 2nd favorite month (june being my first) so I am excited to get this month going!

snow from 2011 in honor of the snow we got this month!

my january goals were pretty much one big fat FAIL. I did complete two major goals but other than that I really slacked on staying on top of what goals I actually set. I'll be honest when I looked back at my goals to write this post I didn't even remember making two of the goals...sooo there's that.

january goals
7. help someone pull off a surprise (nicole's husband, tyler, & I worked for months to surprise nicole with a visit from me and adam!)
18. send a random care package to a friend
56. surprise a blog friend for a visit (this one wasn't actually on my list that I blogged because I didn't want nicole to know we were coming!)
74. organize my classroom library
76. be social media free for an entire weekend

so as you can see I obviously didn't accomplish too much this month. but in my defense the day I planned to organize my classroom library school was cancelled because of cold weather..

I'm just going to forget this awful month happened and move right along to my february goals

26. finish decorating our bedroom
27. finish decorating adam's "georgia room"
44. celebrate our dating anniversary with dinner at porterhouse (our tradition!)

sweet and simple this month : )