Friday, February 7, 2014

cara box reveal

I know I see this a lot.. but the thing I love MOST about blogging is the community and friendships. there's just something about people who are bloggers/instagramers who just "get" each other. when I first came across the cara box swap on instagram I was really excited to join. not only do I love finding new ig accounts and blogs to follow, but meeting other ig'ers/bloggers from georgia is so fun to me! 

I love love loved getting to follow along and "get to know" my partners. the basic way to explain cara box is that you have 2 partners..1 that sends you a box and 1 that you send a box to after a few months of following each others accounts and getting to know each other. I think that is so much more fun then just swapping gifts with the same person. I had two really sweet girls as my partners and I hope to meet both of them in real life someday!

my sweet partner nicole sent me the greatest little package filled with awesome goodies. It was so fun to see the things she picked out for me based on getting to know me through e-mail and instagram. she was pretty much spot on with all of my gifts..especially the dunkin donuts gift card (is my obsession really that obvious?! haha!) 

here is a peak at what I got in my cara box this month...

thanks again, nicole!


  1. What a neat idea! It's so nice to see blogging and IG staying a little more personal.

  2. I love that bracelet!!!