Monday, February 3, 2014

february goals

oh, my heart is so happy to see this month come. january was such a long and just down right dreadful month. with the exception of one fun weekend in memphis (more on that this week) & my snow day birthday january pretty much stunk. I really hate that I don't like january, but really it's just the worst month for me--always. not sad to see it go! february is my 2nd favorite month (june being my first) so I am excited to get this month going!

snow from 2011 in honor of the snow we got this month!

my january goals were pretty much one big fat FAIL. I did complete two major goals but other than that I really slacked on staying on top of what goals I actually set. I'll be honest when I looked back at my goals to write this post I didn't even remember making two of the goals...sooo there's that.

january goals
7. help someone pull off a surprise (nicole's husband, tyler, & I worked for months to surprise nicole with a visit from me and adam!)
18. send a random care package to a friend
56. surprise a blog friend for a visit (this one wasn't actually on my list that I blogged because I didn't want nicole to know we were coming!)
74. organize my classroom library
76. be social media free for an entire weekend

so as you can see I obviously didn't accomplish too much this month. but in my defense the day I planned to organize my classroom library school was cancelled because of cold weather..

I'm just going to forget this awful month happened and move right along to my february goals

26. finish decorating our bedroom
27. finish decorating adam's "georgia room"
44. celebrate our dating anniversary with dinner at porterhouse (our tradition!)

sweet and simple this month : )


  1. I totally get it. January just isn't fun. It's kind of a let down after the greatness of the Christmas season. January was a rough month for me too and I'm glad to see it go! I can totally relate to not doing well with January goals. Oh well, here's to a new month and I hope it's better for you!

  2. Good luck with your February goals girl - what a sweet surprise for Nicole x

  3. Here's what I love about monthly goals... you can just move them over to the next month. :) Haha!

  4. Absolutely love the celebrate your dating anniversary goal!!