Thursday, February 27, 2014

let's paint!

when we first looked at our house neither one of us was very crazy about the exterior paint color. we loved the style of the house (especially the tin roof!) but the color was just not doing it for us. over the last 6 months that we have lived here I have learned to love the color of our house more and more. It's definitely something I would have never chosen, but it works.

although the color has grown on me that doesn't keep me from daydreaming about what I would do should we choose to paint it sometime in the future. here are some of my favorite craftsman style home color combinations that I am currently drooling over...(click the pictures for a direct link)

I love the neutral look of this one

This one actually kind of reminds me of our current house, but I love the white trim!

I surprise myself with how much I like the Young House Love showhouse.. typically I am not a huge fan of such bold colors but this I love!

and of course I love the grey..

It's a good thing we aren't actually in the market to paint our home right now because I would have serious commitment issues. Which color combination is your favorite?


  1. Girl.. love this. We've talked about painting our red brick a dark gray! It is such a commitment but your house would have a jaw dropping before and after! :) I think you should go for it!

  2. I love your little ole' home and it reminds me of all the precious bungalow style homes in my neighborhood! And a tin roof?! Ahh, I am sold! I really love the grey options and love the one that looks like your current house but with the white trim! So fresh but still gives off the vibe of southern/rustic/cottage charm! Great post, Jamie!

  3. This is a tough-y! I love them all! They are all absolutely adorable!

  4. I really love the one with the white trim!! I think it is just so homey looking! But, grey is always a winner. ;)