Friday, February 28, 2014

march goals

hey there! back again for more monthly goals. I have to say february was one of the hardest months we have had since getting married. some untimely (and very LARGE) expenses the first week of february really set us back the entire month. thank god for envelopes (am I right, victoria?!) that were able to bare some of the expense. we are thanking our lucky stars we made it to the end and are onto a brand new month with fresh pay checks in the bank!

just because I miss warm weather

february goals
26. finish decorating our bedroom
27. finish decorating adam's "georgia room"
44. celebrate our dating anniversary with dinner at porterhouse (our tradition!)

I'm not sure why I used the word "finish" in both of those goals because I don't think I will ever "finish" anything in our house. I like change too much and am constantly moving things around and tweaking things to make them exactly what I envision. but with that being said I did make significant progress in both rooms. you can see our master bedroom progress here and our georgia room (now turned guest room) here.

like I mentioned we took a pretty big financial hit this month that we were definitely not expecting so we decided to forego our traditional valentine's dinner this year and start a new (married!!) tradition of cooking at home and watching netflix. I love that we had a tradition for 5 years of dating, but I really love that were making new traditions as a married couple. maybe our untimely expense was a blessing in disguise : )

my goals this month are sweet and simple.

36. buy a new kitchen table/chairs
42. make adam a present for his birthday
99. make a day in the life video

I'm very excited about each of these goals & hope to check off a few more items on my 101 in 1001 list : )


  1. YAY to new married traditions!

  2. I completely agree that sometimes setbacks are blessings in disguise. A late night trip to the animal hospital last October turned out to be a great opportunity to re-evaluate our wants vs needs. We ended up trading a fall break getaway for the chance to save money and spend time with our furry family member.