Thursday, February 13, 2014

snow days & a new guest room

we knew on sunday/monday that we were going to be getting a pretty bad snow storm so we prepared as best we could and settled in monday night. we never imagined we would be completely snow/iced in for 4 days!!! anyone who has been in the south for any length of time knows just how hard it is for us to handle these weather situations..we just aren't cut out for all this cold weather mixed with snow and ice.

since I have had so much time on my hands I decided to tackle our guest bedroom. when we first moved in we put all of my college furniture/bedding into a room and claimed it as the "guest bedroom". it worked but I wasn't in love with it. but since we had a ton of guests in town during football season I had to live with it. we put all of adam's georgia stuff in another room with a couch and a t.v. and claimed it as his "man room." long story short, I hated that arrangement and knew I wanted to make a change. since mounting the t.v. from that room on our back porch (more on that soon!) adam's "man room" served zero purpose..and I hate that. last week I got ambitious and moved some furniture from room to room, had my dad pick up a dresser we no longer needed, and set up a completely new guest room. yesterday I finally had a chance to rearrange some of the prints in the room. I still have some more frames to repair and hang and we need actual bedding but since were still pretty stuck at home this will have to do for now....

I never thought we would have a georgia guest room but it works for us. since most of our over night guests are here for football games anyway why not give them the full experience, right? ; )

and plus... the other room needs to be empty for our future baby (that doesn't exist yet) !!

we also made some other decisions as far as the house goes. I can't wait to share some of the fun changes that will be taking place over the next few months that I think will make a HUGE difference in our home : )


  1. Love how it all turned out! Can't wait to hear about your other ideas for updating your home!!! :)

  2. I love it! That's pretty much what happened with us the other weekend. I spent HOURS decluttering our "office" ((which never served that purpose)) and rearranging our guest room so we could turn the office into a future nursery, too. It always feels so good to declutter!

  3. Aww I think your new guest room is just perfect for you and Adam!! :-)

    And the snow/ice has been just as bad in Charlotte! Tomorrow we're entering our THIRD snow day in a row!

    xoxo Miss ALK

  4. OH! I just got a porch tv myself (as in porch tv that will not LIVE outside, but will come in and out as used.) Thing IS, I need to know what mounts are easy to get the TV on and off, but are still vaguely reliable - and also, do you need a special "outside" cable cord? Any advice would be MUCH appreciated! PS, the guest room looks awesome - and this snow/ice business needs to take itself back up north where it belongs! I did NOT appreciate driving to work on a block of ice this week!

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