Tuesday, March 11, 2014

ATL blogger weekend

this past weekend I got the chance to hang with some of my favorite blog girls. rachel, bre, and I have been planning our little weekend for a while and we were so glad we got the chance to make it happen. there's just something about spending time with people who truly "get you". the blog world is kind of a world of its own and unless you're a part of it it's hard to understand. the idea of meeting people on the internet and creating real, authentic, relationships with them is very foreign to some people. I am so thankful that this blog has led me to such genuinely awesome people. we have so many similarities and so many differences but we just work and I love it!!!!

friday afternoon bre picked me up from my school and we did a little shopping around atlanta before meeting up with rachel at her apartment. we went to mellow mushroom for dinner+drinks and spent hours catching up since we hadn't seen each other since summer. even though I talk to these girls daily through social media and texting there is only so much you can say so it was nice to hear what is REALLY going on in their lives :)

we woke up early saturday and headed to the mart. bloggers+the mart=great times!! we loved looking at all the fun home accessories and clothes and jewelry. we all walked away with some fun purchases. we are excited to go back  for the july show :)

afterwards we headed to atlantic station and westside provisions to do some more shopping+ice cream eating.

finally later in the afternoon we met up with lindsey! we sat on rachel's couch for a few hours talking about all things blogging--it was so much fun! we decided to take it easy again (PARTY ANIMALS!) and grab mexican for dinner.

sunday morning we were up early and out the door for brunch. I unfortunately could not stay and eat because I went back to the mart again but I did get to take part in a little photo shoot action before I left ; )

blogging friendships are the most unique thing in my life and I absolutely LOVE these people!!


  1. Ahh what a fun trip! It's always fun meeting up with bloggers in your area. and a little shopping, pizza, and ice-cream never hurts :)

  2. Excited to be following along! Blog friends are certainly the best -- it's definitely a world that not everyone understands. Looks like a lovely weekend! xo

  3. Everywhere you went is literally within walking distance of our apartment! We spend a lot of time at white provisions. I hope you enjoyed it!

  4. This looks like SUCH a fun weekend!!! PS I NEED the mart in my life!!!