Friday, March 21, 2014

wedding weekend

just wanted to pop in real quick and wish our friends, andy and ashley a happy wedding weekend!! andy is adam's best friend and was the best man in our wedding and ashley is my football partner in crime.

andy and ashley took a short break from their relationship in college and that is about the time that adam and I started dating so andy was our 3rd wheel frequently : ) we became great friends and I am so glad that my husband has such a loyal best friend.

ashley is the only person on this planet that understands me when it comes to football. we know that our husband's will be at every single game no matter what (home and away) and we know that we will be with them most of the time. it's nice to have someone that gets it! we have so much fun together at games--I wouldn't make it through a season without her.

I'm so excited to enjoy their wedding weekend in Athens!!

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