Tuesday, April 29, 2014

circles are better than rows

I'm pretty much the worst blogger ever. life has been SO full the last month and I am just praying it slows down soon. we've been gearing up for our big state assessment (starts tomorrow!) so work has been quite interesting to say the least. I also found out I will be moving classrooms next year (next to my work bff, nicole!!) so I have been busy packing up and taking things down! and to top it all off I was sick for a good 2 straight weeks...yikes!

anyway, last week I had my last small group night ever with my awesome college girls. I started in this group as a student and transitioned to co-leader once I graduated. these girls have been a BIG part of my life over the last 2 years and I am so sad for this season to end. I am excited to see where life takes everyone post-graduation though : )

we thought it would be fun to have a paint night for our last get together. my co-leader has a friend who works for artinis and does private, in-home lessons. we chose an athens theme and I think it was the perfect event for our last night together!

circles are certainly better than rows and I thankful for a church family that truly lives in circles!

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  1. This post is so sweet! I also am moving next year, but moving schools! Lots of packing up and trying to get everything organized before it hangs out in our garage for 3 months.

    Glad to hear you're feeling better! I was sick practically all of March, so I hear you on how frustrating being sick while having to teach can feel. If it helps any, the doctor told me to take 3,000mg of vitamin C a day as a teacher. I'm taking about 2,000mg a day and I've noticed it helps!