Tuesday, May 27, 2014

12 weeks!

I don't know how often I'll do these updates but I'm going to try my best. if there's one thing this pregnancy has made it me it's L-A-Z-Y so we'll see how this goes ; )

how far along: 12 weeks, 2 days!

baby size: lime : )

baby's progress: baby's reflexes have officially developed. he/she will begin being able to open/close its fingers and curling his/her toes. baby is 2 inches and weighs 1/2 oz : )

weight gain: not sure until I go to the doctor again next week but I'm thinking right around 5 lbs.

stretch marks: not yet.. I need to get some lotion to *hopefully* prevent them!

sleep: UGH..no! I really need to get a pregnancy pillow because sleep is TERRIBLE. I'm so uncomfortable and learning how to not sleep on my stomach is really hard.

gender: not sure yet, we will find out in about 3 weeks though!! lets just say I would be shocked if this baby is a girl. I've always thought I was a "boy mom"

movement: we got to see baby moving around everywhere a few weeks ago during an ultrasound but I haven't been able to feel anything yet.

best moment this week: finally agreeing on a name for baby if it's a girl! we've had a boy name for a few weeks but could NOT agree on a girl name.. now we just have to work on a middle name.. ah!

looking forward to: our next appointment next Thursday!

food cravings: CARBS!! pasta, pizza, bread, you name it if it's a carb it's MINE!

weirdest food I ate this week: nothing out of the ordinary.

anything making you queasy or sick: EVERYTHING. This has to be the worst part of being pregnant..I am pretty much sick 12 out of 24 hours/day. Zofran helps but only for so long.

labor signs: nope

what I miss: sleeping through the night, not wanting to throw up everyday, and diet coke..

symptoms: just nausea and sometimes lower back pain. If I'm sitting on the couch I usually have the heating pad on my back.

things that suck: peeing every 5 minutes and not sleeping good.

things that don't suck: my growing belly.. I LOVE IT!


  1. You're adorable! I'm excited for you guys to find out what you're having!!

  2. Congrats! Please be careful with taking Zofran for morning sickness. Try to invest in some "ginger pops", mint gum, etc for the morning sickness. It really helped me!! I didn't sleep good at night either, and some nights, I would take a bath with lavender (Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy) is awesome. Congrats once again.

  3. You are the most adorable pregnant lady there is! Can't wait to see how Baby L treats y'all! Praying the sickness goes away ASAP.