Saturday, June 21, 2014

15 weeks

*this is a few weeks old but I forgot to post it so I'm doing so now.. and I don't even have a picture. I'm really slacking at this whole pregnancy thing!!

how far along: 15 weeks

baby size: B is about 4 inches and weighs about 2 1/2 ounces. 

baby's progress: Bennett can now move all his limbs! 

weight gain: I had gained a few lbs, but due to be really sick a few weeks ago I'm back to pre-pregnancy weight. 

stretch marks: not yet.. I still need to get some lotion to *hopefully* prevent them!

sleep: still really terrible. I am so sore every morning when I wake up. I ordered a snoogle pillow so I hope this will help!

gender: a sweet baby BOY!! his name is Bennett : ) we thought we had a middle name picked out but have changed our we're still trying to figure that out!

movement: I felt him hiccup for the first time last week! I didn't know that's what I was feeling until we had our ultrasound and we could hear his little hiccups while listening to his heartbeat.

best moment this week: started to feel a tiny bit better! I've started taking 1/2 of a zofran in the mornings and that seems to be holding me off until the next morning. hopefully I can continue to decrease until I'm completely off of it. 

looking forward to: totally none baby related, but I am headed to a bachelorette lake weekend and could not be more excited! I need some sun and relaxation in my life. 

food cravings: not so much craving anything just only wanting to eat certain things. I'm still on a carbs kick though!

weirdest food I ate this week: I had chicken, rice, a pb&j, AND cereal for lunch one day this week...definitely a weird combination, but honestly I was just eating anything we had in the house because I was so hungry!

anything making you queasy or sick: still waking up feeling like I'm STARVING. but really it is nothing compared to what I dealt with weeks 6-12 so I am very thankful!

labor signs: nope

what I miss: sleeping through the night. I had a random bout of insomnia a few times last week..that was weird. I also get up 1-2 times a night to pee. aaaanddd I am so uncomfortable sleeping that I wake up a few times a night because I'm SO sore. 

symptoms: lower back pain has increased a little bit this week, but I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I've been sitting on the couch A LOT while I do my grad school work. I've been trying to knock the whole weeks worth on 2 different days/week so my other days are free, but that leaves me sitting for very long periods of time and I can tell it's hurting my back a lot. 

things that suck: going to the pool in a bikini! when I'm in regular clothes it's a little more obvious that I'm pregnant and not just "fat", but in a bathing suit.....yikes! this in between stage is so awkward!! I guess I could wear a one piece but I don't want to go total "mom" yet ; )

things that don't suck: all the sweet baby boy clothes that are sitting in B's room. I literally walk in a few times a day and just stare at everything already hanging in his closet! I made a few decisions regarding his nursery that I'm really excited about. my goal is to get a big chunk of it complete before I go back to school. once school/football season hits we will be BUSY until baby time!

I literally still cant believe there is a BABY growing inside of me. I have been so busy that I really haven't had a ton of time to just enjoy my pregnancy. I think a lot of really hard, but necessary decisions, are in my future. I want to really have time to devote to the "getting ready" process. I don't want this to fly by without really taking the time to be thankful for the little life inside of me. that might mean saying "no" to some things..or putting some very important things on the back burner for now but I think it might be necessary. I'm very conflicted on what to do but thankfully I still have some time to decide. 

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