Monday, July 28, 2014

Meal Planning

As summer comes to an end and I ease back into working full time I am back on track with meal planning. We kind of slacked off over the summer in this department partly because I couldn't really eat anything due to being constantly sick and partly because our schedules were a little crazy! Anyway, we meal planned the entire last school year and it really was a life saver!!

I sat down yesterday and planned out our meals for the month of August and thought I would share with you the super easy process we use to plan all of our meals.

To start, I keep the same schedule every single month. The meals change (mostly) but the type of meals I/we cook on each night are the same every single week.

Monday-crock pot
Thursday-date night 
Sunday-something new/casserole

Using this schedule helps SO much when I am coming up with meals for the entire month. After I come up with the meals for each day I write them on our calendar. This helps us make our grocery list for each week. We always go grocery shopping on Sundays and get everything we need for the week (we also get stuff for breakfast. we eat left overs for lunch every day). We have a pretty strict grocery budget and always try to beat our cheapest grocery run haha. Since starting meal planning we have not made a single middle of the week grocery run!

It's obviously not rocket science but this process has really helped us stay on budget with our groceries and prevents us from spending extra money on fast food/going out. By building in date nights and going out with friends we are still able to enjoy eating out but aren't spending any extra/unnecessary money because it's already built into our budget. 

Do you have any other useful tips for meal planning or finding new meals to make??


  1. That calendar with the dedicated marker color for each person in your family is genius! Definitely trying this out in our household!

  2. We plan for the month too and it is seriously a life saver!

  3. I love this idea and how you have the markers dedicated specifically for each person. I need to learn to cook more dishes so I am curious...where do you find your recipes for these dishes?

  4. This is so helpful! I'm trying to learn how to meal plan since I will be getting married next June! Thanks for this great post! :)