Thursday, August 7, 2014

Baby Bennett Fashion

Ever since I found out we are having a boy I have dreamed of dressing him like a mini Adam. If there is one thing my husband has it is amazing style! The boy never leaves the house without looking perfect. He has more clothes than me and currently takes up 2 closets in our house! I love that Adam cares about his appearance and I know Bennett will look just as cute in all his clothes ;)

My friend from work, Nicole, told me about a huge consignment sale that she goes to every year. We went together this week and I found some really great pieces for a STEAL! I got five things for less than $30. There was SO much to look at and I really had to stop myself from going crazy because it was all so good.

Here are my purchases for B...

Obviously had to get this UGA jon jon! It is a 6 month so I don't know if he'll even be able to wear it next season but it was only $10 so I figured I can at least squeeze him into it for the first game!

This will be perfect for Braves games next summer! I think the "B" is for baseball...but to me it's for Bennett ; )

I about lost it when I saw this has mini daddy written all over it!! I can't wait to pair this with some khaki shorts/pants and sperrys..Ahhh!!

I literally cannot handle it. I can't wait to see MY BABY in these clothes! (only 16 weeks left!)


  1. I'm in LOVE with the jon jons and all the Ralph Lauren pieces! who says boys clothes aren't cute?!

  2. That UGA jon jon is adorable!! Can’t wait for kickoff- so soon!