Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Football in the Classroom

Obviously I am a huge Georgia football fan and always like to incorporate it into my classroom in any way possible. With the start of football season coming this weekend we are spending the week doing some fun football type activities!

Here are two things we have done so far this week....

My teammate Nicole and I made this fun football field for the hallway. We are going to track the student's progress on their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division time tests. Each time they make a 100 on the test they will move their football down the field. We think this will be a fun way for student's to track their progress and celebrate Georgia football ; )

The next thing we are starting this week is a graph for the total points scored each game. Every Monday after a game weekend we are going to graph the total points Georgia scored during the previous game. Since we do a lot of work with graphs in third grade we thought this would be a fun way to practice.

Happy college football weekend!!

P.S. I am still working on my complete classroom tour--it's taking a lot longer to get pictures of everything than I thought! Should be able to post it sometime next week though : )


  1. What awesome ways to incorporate something you love in to your classroom and lessons! I want you as a teacher haha

  2. GO DAWGS. love this! such a cute way to incorporate the Georgia life into young minds :) never too early to start!

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