Wednesday, August 6, 2014

From the Classroom

Our new school year has begun and I am so excited to share more about what I'm doing in my classroom this year. Obviously being a teacher is a huge part of my life and takes up most of my time during the school year, so why not share!? We are half way done with our first week of school and, fingers crossed, I have a pretty awesome class so far! We have already done some really fun activities together.

This year my school is implementing STEM so I wanted to do something STEM/team building related the first week of school. We did this activity as teachers during pre-planning and I thought my students would enjoy it too!

All you need are spaghetti sticks, marshmallows, string, and tape (I also gave them a pair of scissors). I let my students pick their own groups and gave them thirty minutes to build the highest tower with their marshmallow on top. It was fun to watch the students work together and come up with a design. Although only one group's structure actually stayed up at the end I was still really impressed with how well they worked together and how interesting their designs were! Activities like these tell you a lot about the students in your class.

(while I was taking this one, one of my students said "send this to all your friends" here I am, sharing with all my friends ; )

After the thirty minutes were up we talked about things they learned that would help them if they were to do this challenge again. One of the biggest things they said was to conserve their materials. Several groups ran out and weren't able to complete their structure because of it. I will probably do it again sometime mid-year to see if they can do it any better : )

Also--I'm going to be sharing my classroom tour once I can remember to take my camera to school (#PregnancyBrain!) so be on the lookout for that!

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  1. I love that this activity uses really common items! Way to go! You're getting those brains working in pretty cool ways!