Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September Goals

sneak peek of my classroom tour that I will be posting soon as part of my September goals : )

Better late than never! 10 days into September and I'm just now getting around to posting my goals for the month. Life.Is.BUSY. 

August Goals 
1. Finish my 6th grad school class with an "A" (this is a big deal if you knew how bad I've been doing haha #BlamingItOnBeingPregnant)
2. Blog more about what I'm doing in my classroom
3. Blog more in general
4. Register for BT
5. Enjoy the first weekend of college football

That's right, every single goal..complete! 

August was a great month for me. August always feels like a "new year" to me. Starting back to work with a new school year and new class was so good for me. I needed some newness in my life. Overall, pregnancy was a dream the entire month and I really got a lot accomplished both at work and at home. 

September Goals
1. Complete Bennett's nursery and post the reveal
2. Book maternity pictures for October
3. Finalize maternity leave lesson plans/paper work (!!!!)
4. Burn through my first Leaves candle of the season--this makes me ridiculously happy.
5. Post my classroom tour : )

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