Monday, October 27, 2014


Being an elementary teacher is so much fun around holidays! Any excuse for a fun activity, right?! I came across this fun pumpkin observation activity and knew I wanted to do it with my kiddos.

We started out last week by making visual observations of our pumpkins. The kids drew a picture of their pumpkin, labeled the pumpkin, came up with adjectives to describe their pumpkin, etc.

Today we got to do the fun (messy) stuff! We started by learning about circumference and talking about how we would find the circumference of our round pumpkins with straight rulers that don't bend. I was (pleasantly) surprised with the clever ways my friends came up with to measure the circumference of their pumpkins! Most chose to use tape around the middle and then measure the tape : )

Next we made predictions about whether the pumpkins would float or not and then tested it out in the classroom sink. The students were surprised to find that all the pumpkins floated! Next the kids made estimates about how many seeds they thought were in their pumpkins. I walked around and cut the tops off the pumpkins and let them go to town! They loved this and did really well at not making too big of a mess (they know their teacher is OCD ha!)

We had so much fun doing this activity and I will definitely be doing it again next year! Any time you can make learning more hands on and fun for the kiddos the better!

I have some more fun Halloween activities planned for this week that I can't wait to share : )

Thursday, October 23, 2014

34 weeks

how far along: 34 weeks! 

baby size: BT should be around 18 inches and almost 5lbs. We go for an ultrasound next week so I should get some more exact measurements. Looking forward to seeing how big he's gotten! 

baby's progress: We are still hoping that Bennett flips. He is completely sideways right now and is showing very little sign of trying to turn. There have been a few mornings that I wake up and he's somewhat in the right position but as soon as I get up he's back to being sideways. 

weight gain: 25lbs (!!!!) this is crazy to me! 

stretch marks: Still none, & really thankful for this!

sleep: Sleep has gone back down hill. I'm just to the point where I am so big I can't get comfortable at all. 

gender: BOY! Bennett Tucker.

He moves all the time! It's my favorite thing ever : )

best moment this week: I've had a really productive week at home and at work. I'm feeling extremely ready for him to be here!! I am almost finished with my maternity leave sub plans and this is a HUGE weight off my shoulders!

looking forward to: Our dr's appointment next week. We finally get to see our little man on ultrasound! We haven't had one since 18 weeks and I have been DYING to see what he looks like! I'm also hopeful we will establish some sort of "plan" for his birth if he still hasn't turned (aka c-section the week before thanksgiving if I have it my way!)

Also looking forward to our "babymoon" next weekend! We are heading down to Jacksonville for the Georgia/Florida game but are taking a couple of extra days to vacation before : ) Looking forward to a relaxing weekend with the hubs! Last vacation before BABY!

food cravings: I haven't really had any cravings this entire pregnancy, more aversions than anything. 

weirdest food I ate this week: Again, nothing too weird..still on the ice kick though. I thought I may be anemic but they checked last week and I'm not, just really like ice right now ha!

anything making you queasy or sick: No, & I could not be more thankful for this!!!!

labor signs: Tons of Braxton Hicks contractions still.  

what I miss: Being skinny. I'll be totally honest, I really don't like the way I look pregnant and can't wait for Bennett to be here so I can get this body back in shape!

symptoms: Still having terrible leg cramps and my sciatic nerve has been acting up. Since I have a pretty far commute (50 miles) by the time I get home in the afternoons I have to lay on a heating pad for a minute. 

things that suck: Having to wear anything other than pajamas totally sucks. 

things that don't suck: Feeling READY. I know it's still early, but I feel so good knowing that if he came right this second he would be perfectly fine. I'm hoping to get in 4 more weeks and then he is free to come!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Last Free Weekend Before Baby!

this may not make sense to a lot of people but when we started talking about having a baby our main goal was to make sure the birth did not take place during football season. when you have a husband who works in the football world your weekends are dictated by where the team is playing. we knew that our best option was to try our best to have a baby not during the season. we pretty much succeeded in that other than the fact that BT may come the last week of the season. but really that's not a huge deal. the only thing we didn't really think through very well was the fact of me being pregnant during football season. obviously adam works a lot during the season and it's hard to find a weekend that doesn't revolve around UGA football. this past weekend just so happened to be our last free weekend at home together before bennett arrives. adam didn't have to travel to arkansas for the game this weekend and stayed home instead : ) we declared it #lastfreeweekendbeforebaby.

we started our weekend with a fun night at terrapin brewery with some friends!

afterwards we headed to a fun dinner date, just the two of us, at dipalmas

the next morning we were up early and out the door for a yummy breakfast at big city bread. 

we spent the rest of the day watching the georgia game with friends and getting things done around the house.

sunday was another great day of yummy food. we went to the globe and I had french toast..again : ) we ended our sunday night with UGA football family dinner.

it was so nice to spend the entire weekend with adam taking in our last few moments of it being just us two. we still have about 6 (or less) weeks until bennett gets here and we have our babymoon (aka georgia/florida game weekend in jacksonville) but every other weekend is full of football so I was super happy for this time together : )

let the countdown to BT begin!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

thirty two weeks

how far along: 32 weeks..and a few days

baby size: BT is about 16 inches long and weighs about 3 lbs. 

baby's progress: We are working on getting Bennett to turn! He is currently transverse and has shown very little effort in flipping. I go back to the doctor this week and if he still hasn't turned we will have an ultrasound to see his exact positioning. If he still hasn't turned by my next appointment they will try to turn him from the outside. This straight up terrifies me but the thought of a c-section scares me too. Either way I just want my baby to be safe : ) 

weight gain: 18lbs and counting. I'm starting to get nervous that I am putting on so much weight with so much time still to go but hopefully I won't have too much trouble getting rid of it after he gets here. As long as Bennett is healthy I will do whatever : )

stretch marks: Nope, & so thankful!

sleep: I have had some of the best sleep I've had in a long time lately. Mostly because I come home absolutely exhausted everyday!

gender: BOY! Bennett Tucker.

He is CONSTANTLY swimming. It is the craziest/coolest/weirdest thing ever. But I love it! I think this is the one part of pregnancy I will truly miss. I love watching him from the outside and just wondering what he looks like...

best moment this week: I have been nesting like crazy and sold about four pieces of unused furniture in our house!

looking forward to: Bennett's second baby shower! We had a shower with my family a few weeks ago and now are having one with Adam's family. Everyone has been so generous and we are getting pretty close to having everything we need for Bennett!

food cravings: Um, if its food..I will eat it. I guess my body is making up for the 20+ weeks I spent throwing up everything I ate but holy crap this girl can EAT! I have a feeling I'm getting a tiny glimpse of what it will be like when BT is a teenage ha!

weirdest food I ate this week: Nothing too strange in the food department but I have been eating ice like crazy!!! I'm pretty sure this means I'm anemic so I've been trying to eat more foods high in iron just in case. 

anything making you queasy or sick: I had one day of sickness a few weeks ago but I will blame it on the funnel cake I devoured at the county fair................

labor signs: I've been having a lot of braxton hicks contractions. Most of the time they are not very noticeable but sometimes they are pretty uncomfortable. 

what I miss: Let's be honest..I miss shaving my legs. I have had to start doing it only once or twice a week because I physically can't do it. It takes forever, makes my belly hurt, and just all around sucks. Good thing were entering fall...ha!

symptoms: leg cramps..ugh! I miss being able to get a good leg stretch in when I wake up..if I even try now I instantly cramp up and it HURTS. Also, heartburn has entered full force over the last few weeks..I'm hoping the old wives tale is true and BT has lots of hair!

things that suck: pants. 

things that don't suck: feeling like I can finally see the finish line! It is so crazy to me that I only have 8 (or less..) weeks left before I can meet our son. I can't wait to see what and who he looks like and just get to know him. SO excited : )

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October Goals

..or should I say September goals part 2 because if I'm being honest, I didn't accomplish a single thing I wanted to during the month of September. I have never felt a month pass so quickly!! I had every intention of completing BT's room, shooting an adorable reveal, finishing up my classroom and sharing my space with you, but life happened. I have spent the past month on over drive. My heart and head are in totally opposite directions and life is moving too fast. I have had several moments of shear panic over the last month about the fact that our baby is about to be here. 8 weeks y'all. EIGHT weeks. That just sends me into a tailspin thinking about it. We have so much left to do to get ready. I have SO much to do at work to get ready. It's just a lot.

this book is amazing. go read it!

Since I didn't quite get around to my September goals I'm going just move them right along to October as well as add in one more--going on our last vacation before Bennett gets here! Surprise, surprise our babymoon revolves around a football game, but we are heading down to Jacksonville a couple days before the Georgia/Florida game to get some much needed R&R and enjoy our last trip without a baby : ) I am super excited to get away with Adam and really enjoy each other's company.