Monday, October 20, 2014

Last Free Weekend Before Baby!

this may not make sense to a lot of people but when we started talking about having a baby our main goal was to make sure the birth did not take place during football season. when you have a husband who works in the football world your weekends are dictated by where the team is playing. we knew that our best option was to try our best to have a baby not during the season. we pretty much succeeded in that other than the fact that BT may come the last week of the season. but really that's not a huge deal. the only thing we didn't really think through very well was the fact of me being pregnant during football season. obviously adam works a lot during the season and it's hard to find a weekend that doesn't revolve around UGA football. this past weekend just so happened to be our last free weekend at home together before bennett arrives. adam didn't have to travel to arkansas for the game this weekend and stayed home instead : ) we declared it #lastfreeweekendbeforebaby.

we started our weekend with a fun night at terrapin brewery with some friends!

afterwards we headed to a fun dinner date, just the two of us, at dipalmas

the next morning we were up early and out the door for a yummy breakfast at big city bread. 

we spent the rest of the day watching the georgia game with friends and getting things done around the house.

sunday was another great day of yummy food. we went to the globe and I had french toast..again : ) we ended our sunday night with UGA football family dinner.

it was so nice to spend the entire weekend with adam taking in our last few moments of it being just us two. we still have about 6 (or less) weeks until bennett gets here and we have our babymoon (aka georgia/florida game weekend in jacksonville) but every other weekend is full of football so I was super happy for this time together : )

let the countdown to BT begin!


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend. Soak up all these last moments as a family of two little mama. Those are the days I remember most!

  2. I love reading your blog! I went to UGA (DePalma's and Big City Bread are two of my favorites!) and am 18 and 1/2 weeks pregnant with my first. :) I was wondering where you got the cute top you wore on Friday night. I've been trying to find cute/inexpensive maternity clothes and was wondering if you had any good suggestions. Thank you and congratulations!!

  3. So much fun! love seeing all your fun Athen's eats! So excited that your sweet babe is on his way! SO soon!!