Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October Goals

..or should I say September goals part 2 because if I'm being honest, I didn't accomplish a single thing I wanted to during the month of September. I have never felt a month pass so quickly!! I had every intention of completing BT's room, shooting an adorable reveal, finishing up my classroom and sharing my space with you, but life happened. I have spent the past month on over drive. My heart and head are in totally opposite directions and life is moving too fast. I have had several moments of shear panic over the last month about the fact that our baby is about to be here. 8 weeks y'all. EIGHT weeks. That just sends me into a tailspin thinking about it. We have so much left to do to get ready. I have SO much to do at work to get ready. It's just a lot.

this book is amazing. go read it!

Since I didn't quite get around to my September goals I'm going just move them right along to October as well as add in one more--going on our last vacation before Bennett gets here! Surprise, surprise our babymoon revolves around a football game, but we are heading down to Jacksonville a couple days before the Georgia/Florida game to get some much needed R&R and enjoy our last trip without a baby : ) I am super excited to get away with Adam and really enjoy each other's company.