Monday, November 10, 2014


Over the last two weeks I have been going through the She Reads Truth Hospitality study and WOW such an amazing study! Hosting has always been a passion of mine. Any excuse to open my home to others is something that I really enjoy. I am always the first to offer to host and look forward to the weeks that small group is at our house. I just really enjoy creating a space that people want to be in. Adam and I both take a lot of pride in the way our home looks and feels and love opening our doors to others.

With that said, I think a lot of times I can get a little too caught up in making sure my home is "pinterest perfect" and fail to remember the real meaning of hospitality. This study helped open my eyes to the fact that hospitality is a lot less about the specifics and a lot more about the people. If people come into my home and think it looks pretty but they don't feel loved then what is the point? I want people to come into my home and feel free to open up my cabinets and get a cup and pour themselves a drink, I want people to plop down on my couch without fear of messing up my pillows, I want people to leave my home feeling like they left a comfortable space.

Jesus speaks of hospitality all throughout the bible. Not in the sense of how to set the perfect table or creating a great playlist, but rather how to open your home to others--especially those who are the least of these--and allowing them to see Him through our servitude.

With the holiday season approaching there will be many opportunities to practice the kind of hospitality that Jesus intended and I pray I can continually keep my heart set on Him when opening my home to others.

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