Monday, November 17, 2014


Since labor is probably in my extreme near future I figured this weekend was a good time to (finally) get my hospital bag packed. I guess the mix of exhaustion I was experiencing this past week and the fact that we live a mile from the hospital made me feel not very urgent when it came to packing a bag! But I figured while I had the time this weekend I might as well : )

Since I am a first time mom I obviously had no idea what I needed to pack, so naturally I hit up Pinterest for the answer. I found a ton of great blog posts that were really helpful here, here, and here. I also posted our diaper bag on Instagram a while back asking for what to put in the baby's bag and got a ton of suggestions for what to pack for me too and that was extremely helpful!

Like I said, we live extremely close to the hospital so if there is anything else we need I know my parents can get it to us quickly : ) Here is what I came up with (for now..)

yoga pants | vera bradley duffel | button up pj's | fluffy socks | slippers | cotton underwear | robe | chapstick | phone charger | going home outfit 

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