Thursday, December 11, 2014

Happy One Week, Bennett! {video}

I can't believe our little guy has already been here for a full week! It seems like we were just getting ready to go to the hospital to have him, yet it feels like he's been here all along. It's funny how that works. I'm not sure how we ever lived without him! Sure the nights are long and breast feeding is more challenging than I ever thought possible, but the joy this guy brings to us is unreal. He is just so perfect.

To celebrate BT's one week birthday I wanted to share his first few days in the hospital and going home : ) My bff Nicole came to Georgia all the way from Mississippi to film this for us and I could not be more thankful. These memories she has created for us will last a lifetime. I am SO thankful for talented and giving friends!!


Bennett | baby
from 314 Productions on Vimeo.


  1. This is just beautiful! What a treasure to be able to have his first days caught on video!

  2. This was just the SWEETEST THING EVER! Thanks for sharing with us!!