Monday, January 12, 2015


This past weekend Adam and I drove into Atlanta to see my mom at market! My mom is a rep for a home accessories company and has a showroom at the Mart. Pretty much for as long as I can remember it has been a tradition to go down and see my mom during the January and July shows. This time was extra fun because we got to take Bennett for the first time : )

shop our looks: (me) top, pants, shoes, baby carrier. (adam) pullover

My mom's line has a ton of really great pieces but I am especially loving some of their new mirrored pieces. I am such a sucker for mirrored furniture!

I wasn't able to do too much exploring in other showrooms because I had Bennett so I went up again a few days later and was able to do a little shopping in the apparel mart (which is where I got the statement necklace below this time last year!)

shop my look: top, pants, shoes, bracelet, necklace

Looking forward to heading back again at the end of the month for the apparel show!

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  1. I love your look! How comfortable are those TB flats? I am looking for something in that color and am willing to splurge if they're comfy.