Thursday, March 12, 2015

Essential Oils

After posting this picture on Instagram I had several people ask me to do a blog post on using essential oils! I have been using oils for only a short period of time but I have noticed a significant difference in my sleeping and overall mood. Nicole gifted me a diffuser and a lavender oil for my birthday and I was instantly hooked! We started using the diffuser at night time when Bennett was still sleeping in our room and all three of us slept so good. At just 9 weeks old Bennett started sleeping through the night. 

After using lavender for a while I knew I wanted to invest in the large premium starter kit to try out more oils and I am SO glad I made that decision. The cost was something I had to talk myself into but honestly it is so worth it. There are SO many uses for EO's that I never even knew of before I started using YL. 

Now we have a diffuser in Bennett's room and in our room. I move the one from our room to the kitchen when we're not sleeping (I want to eventually get a third one for the kitchen). The last few weeks with all the terrible weather we've had I have been diffusing a blend of lemon, joy, and purification and it is heavenly! I also used a similar blend to clean the counters and mop the floors.

Diffusing isn't the only way to use EO's but it is the way we have been using it most. I have used peppermint for a headache and a mix of thieves, lemon, and purification for a sinus infection and had great results with both but I want to wait a little while before I share our full experience using oils topically just because we haven't done it enough to really give a good review. 

If you are interested in trying out EO's send me an e-mail ( & we can chat! I can also order individual oils if you want to do that to begin with : )


  1. I have a post that is going up next week! Haha! You know I love my oils!

  2. Oh my gosh, LOVE Young Living! They have been such a lifesaver for us in terms of sleep and emotions. So funny that you posted yours today, because I have one going up tomorrow about how I used fennel, peace & calming, and frankincense during labor & delivery, and postpartum.


  3. Jamie, Rocky Mountain Oils offers 100% pure, organic essential oils at a much cheaper cost than Young Living. Lavender alone is about $10 cheaper with Rocky Mountain than it is with Young Living. My family has purchased from Rocky Mountain for a long time and have been incredibly impressed.