Thursday, March 5, 2015

March Goals

Hallelujah spring is coming! I am BEYOND ready for warm weather. We had a tiny a peak at what its like to be out in the sunshine yesterday and it was amazing. I gave my kiddos a little extra recess so we could really enjoy the nice weather. Hopefully in the next few weeks the warm weather will be here to stay!

I went back to check my February goals post...and realized I didn't even put them in the blog post!!! (#MOMMYBRAIN!!) Anyway.. I'll just move right along to March and pretend that never happened.

March Goals
1. Create a consistent workout plan
2. Take Bennett on a walk after work at least 3x/week (weather permitting)
3. Keep researching essential oils (we have already used them a ton and are loving the results so far!)
4. Finish the final plans for Jessica's bachelorette party in New Orleans!
5. Make a spring cleaning to-do list

I have a busy month ahead but I am ready to take it on full speed. I am officially counting down the days to the last day of school and the start of a summer of fun with my Bennett!

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  1. I laughed a little, because two of our March goals are the same! I'm hoping to go for walks more regularly with Sophia (but our weather in the desert is pretty predictable in the 50-70s lately) and finding more Young Living oils that we can use with the baby (gas pains, teething, that sort of stuff).

    Ya'lls dining room is too cute!!