Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Nicole wrote a great post on social media that I would encourage you to check out HERE. After reading her post it really got me thinking about my own social media use and a decision that I made last week regarding it. This past week I kind of hit a breaking point and had to have a come to Jesus meeting with myself to force myself to PUT.THE.PHONE.DOWN. I decided right then to delete all the social media off my phone and just see where things went from there. After a restful weekend of absolutely zero social media time I realized exactly what God wanted from me. Each weekend I am going to delete all the social media apps on my phone and spend quality time with my family. This past weekend was one of the best I can remember. It was full of sunshine and intentional time with my boys, and you know what? when I went to re-download all my apps on Monday.. I didn't crave them as much. I have spent very little time on Instagram, Twitter, etc. this week and it just feels good. I had become so dependent on my time online and it was really affecting me. I am a seriously busy person and I should not be spending the little free time I have plugged in to a device. What ways have y'all limited social media in your lives? Always looking for suggestions in this area!


  1. When I deleted everything for the month of August I didn’t redownload twitter. I LOVED twitter but I honestly haven’t missed it at all. I feel like that is such a good one to “cut” completely if you really want less social media. It’s the least encouraging to me! I want to try and stop FB, too, except when I really want to post something or it is for our business. The less social media the better!!

  2. This week I started just logging out of all social media on my phone when I go to bed, instead of sitting there on it for hours and getting less sleep. Then when I wake up and go to get on the app I see that I am logged out and am reminded that that is not how I should be spending my time. I've actually done really well with it this week! After I'm done at school I will take maybe 10 minutes just to quickly go through things and then I sign back off. It has been actually quite nice! Thanks for sharing what you do Jamie!

  3. I do this every other weekend and I really do find how much time I actually have! I just move the apps to the last page on friday all by themselves and restrain from checking them. I've heard my friends going weeks without it now and we're all enjoying the freedom its given us :)