Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April Goals

March Goals
1. Create a consistent workout plan
2. Take Bennett on a walk after work at least 3x/week (weather permitting)
3. Keep researching essential oils (we have already used them a ton and are loving the results so far!)
4. Finish the final plans for Jessica's bachelorette party in New Orleans!
5. Make a spring cleaning to-do list

I am proud to say I created, and stuck with, a consistent workout plan the entire month. I started using the Tone it Up DVD's and I love them! This combined with clean eating and essential oils to detox and recover and I am starting to feel bikini ready for the summer!

The weather didn't really work in my favor this month but we went on walks pretty much every day that we could. If the weather was bad we went to Target for our walk ; ) Being on the go saves our sanity until bath time!!

I definitely used our oils a lot more this month especially for health reasons. I have been drinking a ton of water with lemon EO and using PanAway to help with muscle soreness after working out. We still diffuse lavender at bed time too.

I spent the weekend in New Orleans for my best friend's bachelorette party! Let's just say this was one worn out mama after that trip.. I think I got a total of 4 hours of sleep the entire weekend. It was definitely a fun getaway but I'll be honest, I don't think I'll be able to leave Bennett that long ever again. I cried like a baby when I got back home and saw him!

Spring cleaning is one of my favorite things to do! There is just something about the warm weather that makes me want everything to be purged and organized. We do a pretty good job of consistently keeping our house clean but since we do live in a smaller home (1400 sq ft) things tend to get cluttered easily (drawers, closets..) so I'm excited to get those areas cleaned out during the month of April. I have a plan and I'm ready to get started!

April Goals
1. Bennett's first beach trip!
2. Continue workout plan + start the Tone it Up Bikini Series
3. Start the envelope system again (admittedly, we have been slacking in the financial department lately and we are both eager to get back on the Dave Ramsey train!)
4. Spring cleaning


  1. Awesome goals! I just finished Dave Ramsey's book and am eager to start using his methods.

  2. Lady! Have you ever heard of mvelopes? It's the same as Dave's envelope system, just digital! We find it works so much better for us and still helps us stick to our budget. If there's not money in our "mvelope," we don't buy! Plus it's free! http://www.mvelopes.com/