Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesday: What's in a Name?

I'm linking up with Andrea today for Show & Tell Tuesday! Today's topic is "What's in a Name?" I always love hearing how other people come up with their baby's names so I thought it would be fun to share ours as well.

When we first got pregnant we started throwing around different boy and girl names. We talked about it all day every day and could never agree! Any name I would suggest Adam either didn't like it or knew someone with the name. He didn't really offer many suggestions just declined a lot of mine ; )

I was flipping through a Pottery Barn Kids magazine one day and saw the name "Bennett" on the wall of one of the rooms. I suggested it to Adam and he loved it! We were happy to have a boy name but wanted to pick a girl name out too, just in case. We spent weeks trying to come up with a girl name when one day Adam suggested we name the baby Bennett even if it was a girl. I loved it! I love boy names for girls and I really did love the name Bennett. We figured we would just give her a really girly middle name to even it out ; )

Even though we had a name picked out for a boy and a girl I KNEW we were having a boy..and I was right!

We weren't trying to be super original with his name but of course as soon as we had him I met 46790725 other baby Bennett's... He has two at daycare with him and one at church. Oh well.

After we had our gender ultrasound that confirmed what I already knew we started talking middle names. Since Bennett isn't a family name I really wanted his middle name to be. We decided on Bennett Payne because Payne is Adam's mom's maiden name. We loved the way it sounded but ended up changing it a few weeks later when Adam said he liked the middle name Tucker better. Even though it wasn't a family name I was okay with it : ) I am glad we changed it because it fits him perfectly.

So there you have it.. how we came up with Bennett Tucker's name..our sweet BT!


  1. I love Bennett's name!! It's super classic and southern. I actually haven't heard of any other Bennett's but that might be because I live in Florida and people don't usually go with fun, southern names like that.

  2. Love that you found it in PB Kids! Isn't everything in that magazine to die for?? I love that in the South we try to honor family by including them in the names of our kids. That's my mine and my husband's goal when we decide to have kids.....and you know we've already got the names picked out ha!

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