Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Our Current Schedule {Vol. 2}

A few months ago I posted about our daily schedule and since then a lot has changed so I thought it would be fun to update! I'm thinking I may do these posts every few months or so.

We are still using Moms on Call and still LOVING it. It has been instrumental in our daily lives to keep Bennett on a schedule and he has done really well with it. I am very thankful that everyone who watches BT during the week (including daycare!) has stuck to our schedule as well. Now that I'm home with him for the summer our schedule looks a little different since I'm the one mainly taking care of him now (yay for being a teacher!)

sample schedule from the moms on call app

6:00/7:00 Bennett's sleeping patterns have been crazy recently. It all started when we went to the lake for the weekend about a month ago and he got sick. He woke up at 6am both mornings we were at the lake and ever since then he has been waking up anywhere from 6-6:30 instead of his usual 7:00. Not sure what that's all about but maybe it will sort it self out soon! This particular morning he woke up at 6:00.

6:00 I changed BT's diaper & fed him a bottle (7.5 oz) I usually take him back to our room to feed him.

6:30 I took Bennett into the living room and put him in his Mama Roo while I cleaned up. Sometimes he will fall back asleep but usually he just watches TV or plays with the mobile on his MR. During this time I clean up anything that was left out from the day before, make sure bottles are ready for the day, and get his medicine ready (BT takes Nexium once a day in the mornings for reflux).

7:00 If it's a daycare day I start getting Bennett ready but if I'm home with him I will feed the dogs and make myself breakfast. This morning I had a plain English Muffin from Trader Joes. If Bennett is asleep this is when I do my quiet time, catch up on e-mails, and read blogs. If he's awake (like he is right now) I will do it during his morning nap.

**We decided to keep BT in daycare his normal two days a week during the summer a) so he doesn't lose his spot, and b) to keep him on schedule and give me a chance to do school/house work uninterrupted.

7:15 If Bennett is still awake I will take him out of his MR and either play with him on the floor or let him play in his Jumperoo.

8:00 I fed Bennett his first baby food feeding of the day. (I've had a few people ask why we started solids "so early" and all I can say is we follow to recommendations of our pediatrician and moms on call). For the first feeding BT has 1/2 jar of fruit with rice cereal.

8:30 Bennett usually goes down for his morning nap. Today he wasn't having any part of it so we went on a quick walk until he fell asleep. I brought him back inside and put him in his Mama Roo for the rest of his nap.

9:30 Bennett woke up and we played for a while together on the floor. He is rolling around like crazy and trying so hard to crawl. He's definitely got a ways to go until he can do it on his own though : )

10:00 Usually BT takes another bottle at 10:30 but since he woke up so early this morning he wanted it at 10.

10:30-12:30 This is usually the time I run any errands. Today we went to Adam's work, Trader Joe's, and Target

12:30 I unloaded groceries and put them away while Bennett played in his Jumperoo

1:00 Bennett ate his second meal of baby food. I usually give him another jar at 11:30 but since we were out running errands it waited until we got home. For this feeding I usually do a 1/2 jar of fruit and a 1/2 jar of veggies or a full jar of veggies. Today he just had a jar of sweet potatoes.

1:30 Bennett went down for another nap

2:00 BT woke up & we went to Walmart to get a new pool for him. I bought the same one to keep at my parent's house but we needed one here too : ) I also picked up ChickFilA on the way home for lunch.

3:00 Bennett played in his pool while the dogs played in the backyard

4:00 Bennett took another short nap

4:30 Adam got home and played with Bennett for a while so I could rest.

5:00 We took turns prepping for dinner & keeping BT occupied

6:45 I put BT in the bath while Adam got dinner started (salmon, zucchini chips, & rice)

7:00 I fed Bennett his last bottle

7:30 I let Bennett lay in his Mama Roo for a minute until he fell asleep (I don't normally do this but he's been having a tough time falling asleep in his crib the last few nights..). I ate dinner while he fell asleep and about ten minutes later I went to his room, turned his diffuser and sleep sheep on, and put him down.

8:00 Adam and I made some cookies & got settled in for way too many hours of trash TV (bachelorette, southern charm reunion, & teen mom reunion!)

I hope you enjoyed taking a peak into our day! Having a 6 month old is super super exhausting and fun!


  1. This was so interesting! I know that whenever my husband and I decide to have a baby that I will keep the baby on a schedule, too. I'm watching my recording of the Southern Charm reunion right now as I type this....love that show!

  2. I like your schedule! And 6 months isn't too early, its all about the baby's development anyways. So if he's holding his head up, wants the food, and can swallow then go for it! And I say this as master's student of nutrition, and I just completed writing feeding curriculum for 4-12 month olds for our local birthing center. If you want any tips, we made a cute handout last week I would love to share! Anyways, love the pics, he looks so cute and happy :)

  3. I love seeing what y'alls day is like!! What a fun season you are in!!