Friday, June 26, 2015

Our Trip to Boston

This post has the potential to be extremely long so bare with me : )

This past week Adam and I, along with our good friends Andy and Ashley, headed up to Boston for a few days of fun, food, baseball, and LOTS of walking. This was mine and Adam's first time to Boston (first time up North, really) and we really enjoyed our time in the city.

I had a few major take aways from our trip with the first being how ridiculously CLEAN Boston was! I really liked the "small town" feel that the city gave off and felt like everyone really took pride in where they were from. Another take away was the accessibility to everything in the city via public transit. We didn't rent a car and took the T everywhere which was something new for me. If you've ever been to Atlanta you know how terrible our transit system is so it was fun to ride on one that was well ran and super clean! Lastly, Fenway Park! Obviously this is a Boston staple and somewhere that every baseball fan dreams of going to. I'm not an over the top baseball fan but I do enjoy going to Braves games and have grown up hearing all about Fenway park. We went to two games and both were so much fun!

We flew out of Atlanta early Monday morning and arrived in Boston early afternoon. We took the T to our hotel in the Back Bay area. We stayed at The Midtown Hotel. The hotel was in a great location and we were only about a mile from everything! When we arrived at our hotel we changed clothes and quickly hit the streets. We stopped for lunch first at a cute little farm to table place called B.good. After we ate there we kept seeing them everywhere so I assume they are fairly popular in the area. I had a burger & fries and it was delicious. A place like this would do really well in Athens! It was quick, affordable, and best of all HEALTHY! We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around Boston Public Garden and stopped by the Cheers bar! We also shopped up and down Newbury street which was really fun. Eventually we made it back to our hotel and got ready for dinner. Adam's main goal on this trip was to eat lobster so we decided to go to Summer Shack. Adam had oysters and lobster and I had fish and chips. Adam loved his meal but I thought mine was just okay. Afterwards we headed over to the stadium area and had drinks at Bleacher Bar. I thought this place was really neat because of the big window that sits eye level with center field in Fenway. People can eat/drink during the game and watch from the window. We ended our night at Blazing Paddles, a ping pong bar! We didn't play but it seemed like a fun place to hang out. There was another big window in this bar that looked into the bull pen at Fenway.

On Tuesday we decided to take the T and explore Harvard's campus. We spent a couple hours over there before it started raining and we decided to head back. We stopped for lunch at the Prudential Center and did a little shopping in there before it was nap time ; ) After we all took good two hour naps we were up and ready for our first Redsox game! We had great seats right behind Pesky's Pole. It was so much fun being in American's oldest ball park!

Wednesday was a day for the books. We conquered over 13 miles and over 30,000 fitbit steps!!! We started out with a quick breakfast at a local cafe (I don't remember the name..but it wasn't that great anyway) before heading over to the Freedom Trail. I was super excited to do this and it was well worth all the walking. On our way back from completing the trail we stopped at Feneuil Hall for some more shopping and lunch. We only had a few minutes to eat/shop because we had a 3:00 tour of Fenway to get to. The tour of Fenway Park was one of my favorite parts of the trip. I love learning the history of places and why certain things are the way they are. I also love useless the ladder on the green monster is not used at all they just like the way it looks. After our tour we caught a yummy dinner at a local bar near the stadium (I don't remember what it was called). I had a bacon cheeseburger and it was easily the best meal of the trip! After dinner we waited in line for the gates to open and raced up to our seats on the green monster! It was so much fun watching the game from there and I would highly recommend it to anyone who goes to a Redsox game!

 Old State House--where the Declaration of Independence was first read

 Charles River

 Quincy Market

 Fenway Farms--a rooftop garden used for homegrown concessions (yes, please!)

our seats form the green monster

Thursday we were up early and headed to the airport. Even though we had a great time with our friends we were soooo excited to get home to Bennett! He was in great hands spending the first two days with my parents and the last two days with Adam's parents. There was no shortage of love and spoiling for our baby while we were gone. So thankful for awesome grandparents!!

We have already decided we definitely want to try to go back next summer. We thought it would be fun to extend our trip a day or so and go out to Cape Cod or Nantucket.. definitely a dream of mine to see those places!

Thanks to everyone for all your suggestions on things to do while we were in Boston!