Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September Goals

August was our first month back to the "real world" and it pretty much kicked my butt. It's always hard to get back into the swing of things at the beginning of the year but this year was harder than ever. I really just wanted to stay home with Bennett and hated leaving him every morning. It's getting better though and I am thankful that I get to see him in the mornings before I leave now : )

Regardless I did complete most of my August goals!

1. Clean out/purge kitchen drawers. We have a ton of bottom cabinet space in our kitchen that has basically been serving as a storage unit since we moved in. Now that we have an actual storage unit in our backyard it's time for us to utilize this space more efficiently. I am sooooo happy that we got this done. We not only cleaned out our entire kitchen but we were able to sell/donate a bunch of stuff we no longer needed. We made some money, helped some people out, and have a clean and organized kitchen...win-win-win!

2. Continue refining our budget and making some necessary cut backs. We have worked really hard to come up with a practical budget but I feel like there are a few areas (car payment, cable/internet) that we could cut back on so we're hoping to make some changes in those areas soon! We did a great job in this area this past month! We spent some time refining our budget, adjusting our giving, and making some necessary cut backs. We changed our cable/internet provider which resulted in saving $100/month in that area. We are also currently looking at options for new (to us) cars that may help us even out my car payment a little. 

3. I really want to make it a priority to get to work early so that I can leave early. We are fortunate that Adam is able to get Bennett up in the morning and get him to wherever he goes that day (my parent's house/daycare) so I am able to go in pretty early. I did pretty good in this area most days. There were a few days that I stayed home a little longer and stayed a little later at work but overall I think I have found a good routine!

September Goals
1. Start buying things for Bennett's birthday party (so I'm not totally broke in December buying everything!)
2. Spend a weekend with two of my favorite blog friends!!
3. Continue bible journaling


  1. I truly cannot handle that photo of BT. What an angel!!!! Can't wait to hug your neck so soon! XO