Tuesday, October 6, 2015

October Goals

I am loving my new blog name and think it fits me 100% perfectly ; ) This past month has been a little crazy and a lot has gone on. I am so happy to have October here and kind of put the summer behind us.

Even in the midst of a crazy season I was actually able to accomplish some goals this month.

September Goals
1. Start buying things for Bennett's birthday party (so I'm not totally broke in December buying everything!) I have purchased his invitations and a couple decorations. I have also nailed down the menu and his smash cake. I need to work on the final guest list and continue finding decorations. Thankfully the theme I chose doesn't require a ton of decor and our venue speaks for itself and allows me to use less!
2. Spend a weekend with two of my favorite blog friends!! I had THE BEST weekend with Nicole and Victoria a few weeks ago. It was so nice to put my mama job on pause and have a fun girl's weekend. I posted a picture on IG and talked about how important it is as a mama to take a little time off to rejuvenate with friends. These girls breathe life into me and I am so thankful for their honest friendship. 
3. Continue bible journaling  I did continue reading and using my bible journal but I definitely didn't do it as consistently as I would have liked. I have been doing a couple different studies and kind of need to make a decision on what I want to do instead of trying to do so much! 

1. Take Bennett to the pumpkin patch!
2. Have a fun family road trip ; )
3. Enjoy Bennett's first Halloween.
4. Blog more!!! 

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