Monday, October 12, 2015

Pumpkin Patch Fun!

I'm pretty sure every mama dreams of taking their littles to the pumpkin patch every fall! This was something I was really looking forward to and we made it happen this weekend.

Friday night our friends Katie (my college roommate) and Trey came into town with their little guy, Powell. The boys had never met so Katie and I were excited to get them together. We decided to go to the pumpkin patch for just a little while to get some pictures & then head to dinner. Bennett LOVED the pumpkins and was so happy.

I had planned to go back to the pumpkin patch again Saturday with my parents, brother, and Carolyne-Grace while Adam was in Tennessee for the Georgia game but the weather was nasty so BT and I ended up just spending the day at my parent's house watching football.

It was a devastating day to be a Georgia fan, that's for sure. Between Nick Chubb's injury (don't watch the replay, it literally makes me want to throw up..) and the loss to Tennessee I was ready to call it a night pretty early.

We are hoping to make it back to the pumpkin patch soon and actually ride some of the rides, play with the animals, and go on the hay ride!

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  1. That first photo of him is my favorite!! I can't wait to snuggle him in a pumpkin patch soon!!!