Thursday, November 19, 2015

Baby Registry Essentials [Part 1]

I have several friends who are expecting right now and a lot of them have reached out to me for help with their registries. I know I am only about a year into this whole parenting thing but I definitely feel like I can be a good source for the must-have items for baby (+ mama!). Victoria asked me to blog about it and I figured this would be helpful for others in my life as well. I'm going to break it down into several categories/posts since there really is SO much. I'm going to start with all the essential baby "gear" today. I'm going to link to as many products as I can.

1. The infamous MamaRoo. Worth every.single.penny. We used ours up until about 9 months.

2. Car seat/stroller selection is extremely important. I went to Buy Buy Baby and "test drove" every single stroller they had. I ended up getting the Britax B-Agile Travel System with the B-Safe car seat. This stroller is light weight and easy to fold up. We can fit it in the back of our Tahoe with the third row in, which says a lot! Also, it would be smart to register for 2 or 3 extra bases for the infant carrier. It made it a lot easier for Adam + our parents to take Bennett places without having to take the base out of my car. Along the same lines, a backseat mirror is a must. THIS Britax mirror is my favorite.

3. Not as necessary, but we did end up going ahead and getting a double stroller for future babes. I like the Baby Jogger City Select because there are literally a million different ways to configure the seats. We went ahead and got two seats and the infant carrier attachment. I actually use this stroller a lot right now with just one seat on it. The basket underneath is incredibly huge and fits a ton of stuff. I love using it when were shopping since it holds so much. The only downfall to this particular stroller is that you have to take the seats off to fold it up. It's not a big deal, and doesn't take a long time, it's just not as convenient as other strollers. 

4. Rock-n-Play. This was something we didn't originally register for but I wish we would have. I think we ended up getting it when BT was a month or so old. It was just another great option for a place to put him when we needed to shower, eat, etc. He would occasionally take naps in there as well.

5. We used the Bumbo a ton from month 2-5. After that Bennett's legs wouldn't even fit in it. I would still suggest registering for it because it was really nice to have during those months.

6. If there is one seat to register for it's THIS one!! The Fisher Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat is used in our house every single day. Even at almost a year old Bennett will still sit in his seat. We keep it in our bathroom and use it when we need to shower/get ready. He is content for at least 20 minutes (longer when he was younger).

7. We bathe Bennett every night as a part of our predictable bed time routine (bath, bottle, book, bed). For the first 7 months we used a baby tub in our big bath tub. This made bathing so much easier!

I hope that was somewhat helpful. Like I said, these are the products we used and loved. Hopefully some of them will become favorites of yours as well. I'll be back next week with sleep essentials!


  1. We just got the Baby Jogger City Select off our registry and it came with a rebate for free second seat, which was a great surprise. I love that we'll not need another when we have a second child one day. We also have that same tub that was passed down to us. Lots of other great ideas on this list to add to our registry. The grandparents are planning to get the new 4 Ever car seat so that they will only need one from infancy through booster seats. I don't know anyone who has that one personally but all the safety and customer reviews are excellent.

  2. YAY! I'm so grateful for this post. Its also super encouraging bc one of my good friends just told me that the rock and play is an essential.. I love this! Thank you!!!! :)

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