Monday, November 30, 2015

First Birthday Party Prep

After reading Victoria's Thanksgiving timeline I was inspired to make one for Bennett's birthday party. I've thrown wedding and baby showers before but never a birthday party and never really by myself. I have been planning his party for months but this week is crunch time and I knew I needed an organized plan. I thought I would share it in hopes that it will help someone else planning a birthday party (or really just for my own record to look back on ;)

Obviously I did a lot of work before this week to get ready including creating a Pinterest board, choosing a theme (I will share more tomorrow!), decor ideas, food ideas, venue etc. so this week is all about shopping and finishing up last minute decor!

Shop for food/last minute decor
Check final guest list

Begin assembly of party favors, glue monthly pictures to scrapbook paper, buy chicken for chili at Fresh Market (1/2 off on Tuesdays, holla!)

Continue assembly of party favors

Continue assembly of party favors
Create chalkboard stats sign

Load car with all decor (chalkboard, banner, chat books, baby book, etc.)
Load bin with plates, forks, serving dishes, etc.

Package all snacks into containers and buy alcohol

Start chili @ 7:00am, pick up balloons after church (black, red, gold), arrive at venue at 12:00pm

I am excited to get this week going and celebrate our sweet boy turning ONE!