Thursday, November 5, 2015

it is well

grander earth has quaked before
moved by the sound of his voice
seas that are shaken and stirred
can be calmed and broken for my regard

through it all, through it all
my eyes are on you
through it all, through it all
it is well

so let go my soul and trust in him
the waves and wind still know his name

it is well with my soul

nicole and I have been talking about getting new tattoos for a while now so when I was in mississippi last week we decided to go for it! this tattoo has so much meaning for the current season adam and I are in and it is such a sweet reminder that no matter what situation comes our way, it is well. we can fully trust in jesus that his ways are far better than anything we could ever dream. we have been walking down a really hard path that I never imagined we would face, but through it all I have been shown so much love and grace. I'm thankful for friends that breathe life into me and encourage me to continue trusting. 

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