Sunday, December 6, 2015

Bennett | ONE Year!

HOW in the world am I already doing his ONE year update?! I look forward to doing these updates every month but this one (my last) is a little harder than all the rest. I am so proud of the sweet, independent, adventurous little boy Bennett is turning into but I would give ANYTHING in the world to have a few more days of sweet newborn cuddles. Our lives have been completely changed in the last year. Being a mama is all I've ever dreamed of and I do not take this blessing lightly.

Height/Weight: 22 lbs, 30 in

Hair: BT is ready for his fourth hair cut already! His hair grows so stinking fast but I love it so much!

Eyes: The prettiest blue ever.

Clothes: Mostly 9 month pants and 18 month tops.

Diapers: We switched to size 4 this month.

Sleeping: He still goes to bed at 7:00pm and sleeps until 6:30 or 7:00am. For the past few weeks though he has been sleeping until 7:15 or 7:30am.

Likes: Bennett is obsessed with drumming on anything and everything he can find. He takes pens, pencils, sticks, whatever he can use as a drum stick and goes to town. I have a coffee mug of colored pencils on my desk and whenever he sees them he goes nuts until I give him 2 to carry around and bang on everything..maybe we have a little musician on our hands!

Dislikes: Having his clothes or diaper changed. You would think we were physically hurting him with the way he screams!!!

Eating: Bennett eats anything and everything!! For breakfast he loves bananas, toast, cereal, yogurt, and biscuits. For lunch he usually eats left overs from dinner the night before, and for dinner he eats whatever we're eating. His favorite meal is probably pot roast. He eats so much of it!! We are starting to work on eating with a fork but he much rather use it as a drum stick..

Milestones: Bennett celebrated his last first holiday, Thanksgiving! We had three different Thanksgivings with family and BT ate so much food at each one!!

Baby items we can't live without: high chair, fisher price sit-me-up floor seat, stroller.

Thank you so much to everyone who has followed along for the last year. We love that you love our sweet boy!!


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