Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December Goals

Two posts in one day! I wanted to go ahead and get my December goals posted today so I could move on to some fun holiday gift guides the rest of the week.

November Goals
1. Finalize the plans for Bennett's first birthday (and cry everyday because my baby is turning ONE!)
2. Plan + buy Christmas gifts. Ideally I'd like to be done with this after Cyber Monday. 
3. Decorate for Christmas while I'm on Thanksgiving break. 

I am happy to say I completed all of my goals from last month. Party planning is in full effect this week, I planned and bought almost all of my gifts (1 or 2 people left to buy for but I know what I'm getting), and we decorated for Christmas the day before Thanksgiving! Last year I was 39 weeks pregnant on Thanksgiving and did not decorate much at all. We had a very simple Christmas with our newborn babe and it was perfect. But this year I wanted to go all out as much as possible for Bennett's 2nd Christmas. He loves the Christmas tree and has done really well with not messing with it. He stands in front of it and just points :)

December Goals
1. Celebrate Bennett's first birthday!
2. Go see the Christmas lights at the lake.
3. Go to the Pink Pig with ALL the cousins.
4. Breakfast with Santa
5. Celebrate a fun weekend away with Adam!

We a busy, but FUN, holiday month ahead! I am looking forward to making it through the next couple of weeks of work and then taking off a good bit of time to spend with my boys : )

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