Thursday, December 10, 2015

Our Favorite Christmas Traditions

There is nothing I love more than a good tradition! I will go to great lengths to ensure we participate in every single Christmas tradition possible. I wanted to share some of my absolute favorite traditions that we partake in year after year (or used to..)

1. Macy's Pink Pig - This one may seem a little weird to those outside of Atlanta, but anyone who grew up in the area knows exactly what the Pink Pig is! This is a big event for our family, and is especially big now that there are a lot of kiddos. We plan a day every year to go with all of my grandmothers, aunts, cousins, and babies on my mom's side of the family. We usually do a little shopping, ride the pig, and eat dinner somewhere.

2. Pictures with Santa - This is an obvious one that most families do but ours is a little different. We have been going to the same Santa since my first Christmas (took a few years off between teenage years and having my own child). We drive a great length to get to him but it is so worth it because he is such a great Santa, and if you ask any of us..he is the only "real" one ; ) The poor mall that he is at is in terrible condition now but we still make the yearly trip to see our old friend.

my cousins and I went back to see him a few years ago for a picture for our Memama :)

3. Christmas Lights at the Lake - About 15 miles from where I grew up is Lake Lanier. Every year they put on an amazing light display that you drive through. This is one of my absolute favorite traditions and I never let us miss it! Over the years they have added more than just lights and now you can see santa, buy ornaments, roast marshmallows, and do a ton of wintery activities (snow tubes, ice skating, etc.)

4. Christmas PJ's - Again, this is another one that most families do but it's something that I love. Every Christmas Eve when we were growing up we were gifted matching Christmas PJ's. I am excited to start doing this with Bennett this year!

5. Cookie & Play Day - Growing up every year my Memama would have all the cousins over for a "cookie & play day." We would bake cookies and practice our annual Christmas play that we would put on for our family on Christmas Eve. I love looking back at pictures from those days. We always had so much fun! I hope we can continue the tradition once all the cousins have kiddos of their own.