Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January Goals & 2016 Resolutions + Goals

I took some much needed time off from blogging over Christmas break but I am happy to be back writing in this space : )

Setting resolutions and goals is something I have done consistently for the last few years on the blog and it's something I always look forward to sitting down and working out. For me, starting the year on a fresh slate, with a fresh perspective, really helps me to tackle things in my life that I want to do. I've done this different ways in years past but this year I'm sticking to a straight list with a bit of an explanation on some.

Before we start with my overall 2016 goals I want to take a look back at my December goals and share my January goals.

December Goals
1. Celebrate Bennett's first birthday!
2. Go see the Christmas lights at the lake. We actually ended up turning around on the way there because both kids fell asleep. My dad used an app that told us where good Christmas lights were around us. It was actually really fun to drive around our town and see all the houses..I think we've decided this is our new tradition!
3. Go to the Pink Pig with ALL the cousins.
4. Breakfast with Santa.
5. Celebrate a fun weekend away with Adam!

January Goals
1. Continue the She Reads Truth Genesis study.
2. Clean out BT's closet and sort his out grown clothes.
3. Celebrate my 26th birthday!

2016 Resolutions
-more water: I have struggled a lot this year with migraines. I'm talking knock me out migraines where all I can do is lay straight on my back with my eyes closed with a wash cloth over my face. Drinking water (way more than I normally do) has been a huge help. I usually add lemon essential oil to give it a little flavor. I am going to make it a consistent part of my morning routine to drink a big glass to start my day.

-intentional quiet time: I want to be very specific with my quiet time each morning. Not in the sense that I have to do the same thing each morning, but more so that I want a goal when I sit down. For the most part I have not been very consistent this year with following any sort of plan. But I like doing plans and they are always beneficial to me so I want to get back to that.

-intentional story/prayer time with BT at night: Most nights when Bennett is drinking his night time bottle we snuggle on the couch for a little while then he finishes his bottle while I rock him in his room. Now that he's getting older and enjoys books I want to start going through his baby Bible stories book and reading a story to him and praying with him each night. I always pray for him when I'm rocking him but I want to make it a point to pray out loud with him.

2016 Goals
-find my passion: This is something I've really struggled with lately. I love so many things but if someone asks me what my passion is..I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY. I want to work through this and figure out what it is that the Lord wants for me, where my mission field is, and who I want to be in life.

-develop a plan for eventually staying home: It's no secret that I love being a teacher. But I love being a mom more and if there is a way for me to be home with my babies I want to make that happen. Financially, it's not an option for me to stay home full-time without an income. I want this year to be all about developing a plan to be able to eventually stay home while also bringing in some sort of income. My ideal scenario would be to work part-time at the school while also doing something fulfilling that I can do while being home with Bennett. We shall see how the Lord provides in this area.

-read more books: I love reading. It's something I did a lot of before I had Bennett. I want to really get back into reading more in 2016. I probably read 5 or 6 books this year but that is nothing compared to what I normally read and most of them took months on months to finish.

In my mind most of the resolutions and goals are really just about spending intentional time making them happen. They aren't hard things to accomplish, they just take time and effort : )