Friday, March 4, 2016

Our Favorite Outdoor Toys

We have been so fortunate to have some really warm days recently and it has me SO excited for spring and summer. We're back to a couple of cooler days but the 70's are in our future. With all of this nice weather we've been able to be outside a lot in the afternoon/evenings and I wanted to share some of our favorite outdoor toys!

outdoor toys

Outdoor house: We have one very similar to this and BT loves it. Opening/closing the door and pretending to wash his hands in the sink are his favorites.

Fisher Price Slide: We've had his slide in his playroom for the winter but finally moved it outside and he is still just as obsessed with it. He climbs up by himself but then gets scared to go down without help : )

Smart Trike: My parents got Bennett this trike for his birthday and we have loved it so much. It drives really smooth and the seat reclines so Bennett can relax on his walks.

Lawn mower: Adam's parents own a landscaping company so they got Bennett this lawn mower for his birthday so he would be like PawPaw. It has been a huge hit. He loves pushing it around and pretending to mow the grass.

Cozy Truck: I think this is definitely one of Bennett's favorite toys. He can climb in and out himself and loves being pushed around. He also likes storing things in his tailgate ; )

We really hope to get outside more in the coming weeks and continue using all of our fun outdoor toys!

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