Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

I'm excited to start linking up for What's Up Wednesday! It's always nice to have a topic or two to write about ; )

What we're eating this week: We have been on a huge kick of salads and baked potatoes lately. It's such an easy, super cheap meal and keeps me full..which is no easy task these days!

What I'm reminiscing about: The Timehop app has really been pulling at my heart strings this week with throwback Carolyne-Grace pictures. I love thinking about all the sweet time we had together when she was younger. She is much more independent these days but still loves her time with MayMay 

& just so no one freaks out about her not being in a car seat...we were playing in my car in the driveway. I really hate that I even have to say that but I know there are always crazies who examine every single picture!

What I'm Loving: I am loving that we know the gender of baby #2 and that I am able to start some planning. Since the boys are going to be sharing a room I'm looking forward to getting started with that. I'm also loving just being able to write their names next to each other. TWO boys! What a dream!

What We've Been up to: We have been busy preparing for our beach trip coming up in a few days! It takes a ton of preparation to take a one year old on a 9 hour trip.

What I'm Dreading: I'm not necessarily dreading it, but I am a little worried about driving to the beach. We are leaving Friday around 5pm in hopes that BT will fall asleep around 7 and sleep most of the way there. Leaving at 5 will get us there around 2am so hopefully he won't have any trouble falling back asleep once we get there.

What I'm Working on: I've been spending a lot of my planning period lately working on plans for next school year. Knowing that I will be leaving for maternity leave only a month into school has me wanting to be as prepared as possible when we start back in August. Once I get to this point in the school year I am usually ready to start thinking about what I want to do the next year but this year it's especially important to me to be ready. 

What I'm Excited About: I am super excited to spend 5 days at the beach with my boys. I can't wait to see Bennett in the sand again!

What I'm Watching/Reading: I am in such a guilty phase of ridiculous amounts of reality t.v. I've been all about Vanderpump Rules (sad it's over..), Teen Mom 2, and really pumped about Southern Charm coming back on next week!

What I'm Listening to: Tons of Shane&Shane and Bethel. Also the new Florida Georgia Line song because Adam is obsessed with it ha!

What I'm Wearing: A ton of stretchy skinny jeans! It's amazing to me how quickly my body is changing during this pregnancy. I'm definitely getting close to needing to wear some maternity pants just because regular ones are so uncomfortable. As soon as I get home from work I change straight into comfy shorts/pants. Definitely thankful the bulk of my pregnancy will be over the summer when I can wear whatever I want. 

What I'm Doing this Weekend: Going to the beach!

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month: Being one month closer to SUMMER!

What Else is New: I'm just really enjoying being pregnant which makes me so so happy. I never in a million years thought I would have a positive experience with being pregnant after my first pregnancy. I am so thankful for this sweet boy growing in my belly : )


  1. Congrats on baby boy #2. Can't wait to see Bennett in the sand, too. Have fun at the beach!

  2. Congrats on another boy! Many blessings for a healthy pregnancy!

  3. I love the name you guys chose, it's perfect! I also can't wait for Southern Charm to come on, I wish they would do more than one season a year!

    Jordan @

  4. Bennett is just so precious I know Shep will be too!

  5. You are one blessed mama and those are some lucky little boys!