Tuesday, May 31, 2016

25 Weeks | Shep

Now that I am done with work for the summer I'm hoping to have more time to blog : ) Starting with keeping up with this pregnancy a little bit better than I have been.

It's crazy to me that I am just three weeks away from being in the third trimester. I feel like I literally just announced my pregnancy yesterday. I guess that's just how it goes with the second baby...

How far along: 25 weeks, 1 day

Baby's size: At our 19 week anatomy scan Shep was 11oz and 10in. It's unlikely that we will have another sonogram so from here on out will be a guess : ) He should be close to 2lbs and 14in.

Baby's progress: According to my favorite pregnancy app, Shep is the size of a cabbage, a baseball glove, a tarte, and a prairie dog ; ) 

Weight gain: I honestly have no idea.

Stretch marks: Nope

Sleep: Sleep has been okay. I have been sleeping on the couch most nights the last two weeks because for some reason it has been a lot more comfy than our bed. 

Gender: BOY! Harrison Shepard "Shep" : )

Movement: If you read my last update you know that I have an anterior placenta which really prevented me from being able to feel Shep move. Thankfully I have felt him much more frequently the last few weeks even though it's probably not as much as someone else who is 25 weeks. 

Best moment this week: I pulled out of all of Bennett's newborn clothes and made piles of keep, sell, or donate. I was able to sell a TON of his newborn things at a garage sale my mom and I had and I am going to take the rest to Goodwill after our vacation. I was surprised at how much I was able to keep to use for Shep even though it will be blazing hot when he is born and it was freezing when Bennett was an infant. 

Looking forward to: Our annual family beach trip that starts tomorrow! We are going to St. Augustine and will be driving to Orlando for a day to take the kiddos to Disney. Until Bennett is older and we can do a for real Disney vacation this is the best way. He couldn't handle more than a day right now and I like the beach much more so it works out for everyone. We do hope to do a big family Disney trip in the future though : )

Food cravings: I am still really into salads and anything fruity! I've also been eating ice like crazy which has also turned Bennett into a crazy person wanting "Icesh" all the time!!!!

Weirdest food I ate this week: Nothing too weird I'm just eating A LOT. My appetite is out of control. It makes me feel good that I am eating (for the most part) healthy foods that I know are helping Shep grow.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope and not a day goes by that I'm not extremely thankful for this easy pregnancy.

Labor signs: No

What I miss: My bellybutton not sticking out!!! 

Symptoms: Still absolutely nothing. If I didn't have a ginormous belly I wouldn't even know I was pregnant. It's so odd but such a blessing as I cannot imagine chasing around an (almost) 18 month old while being sick. 

Things that suck: having to wear a bathing suit. Summer pregnancies are tough anyway but throw in having to wear a bathing suit and I just want to stay inside. Not a fan of the bump being out and about ; )

Things that don't suck: Not having to work and being able to wear whatever I want! I have been living in my Lululemon Tracker shorts (literally the greatest shorts ever) and maternity style workout shirts. 


  1. You look so awesome! Seriously though. I need to chat with you about babies and Disney next time we talk bc I NEED to go haha

  2. Miss you! Enjoy the vacation in St. Augustine. That is where we want to move to eventually. :)