Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bennett | 15-16 School Year

I cannot believe how fast this school year flew by! Bennett has grown SO much and reached so many milestones this year. 
-He started the year with Ms. Jennifer in the seedlings (infant) classroom. He had just started crawling and didn't have any teeth. 
-He transitioned to the sprouts (9m-14m) classroom with Ms. Victoria (he has a new lead teacher now, Ms. Brittany & her amazing assistant teachers Ms. Emily & Ms. Paige) around the time he started walking (10.5m).
-He spent a good three months getting cause reports every single day for biting or hitting. The biting finally stopped but the hitting/scratching is still an issue some days ; )
-Since starting this school year he has gained 5 lbs and grown over 6in!! He is no longer my short chubby baby..he is a long and lean toddler!
-Bennett can say so many words and repeats everything. His favorite words to say are "mommy", "daddy", "truck", "bus", and "thank you"

We are SO thankful for all the amazing people at ATP. It's not easy leaving my baby everyday to teach other people's children so I am extremely thankful he is in a place where he is so loved. 

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