Monday, May 16, 2016

May Goals

April Goals
1. Clean out our laundry room. YES! I finally got around to doing this and I loved the outcome. I have been in full nesting mode and this was what really kick started it. 

2. Share inspiration for Bennett & Shep's shared room. I shared a picture on Instagram if that counts ; ) We are currently underway with our project of creating a shared room for Bennett and Shep and I love what's happening so far.

3. Take Bennett to his second G-Day game! G-Day was INSANE this year. Coach Smart called for 93k and he got it+some! It was so crowded but we had a great time. 

4. Research mommy & me type classes that Bennett and I can do together this summer. I found a couple of different options that I think will be great for us. Our local library does free story time every week so we will definitely be going to that as well as a fun music class I found. Other than that I don't want too much scheduled time this summer.

May Goals
1. Continue working (if not finish..) the boys' room.
2. End the school year and begin my summer as a stay at home mama!
3. Make a citronella candle (random, but we've been talking about doing it forever and just haven't done it yet..)
4. Do a fun painting project with BT for a surprise for a sweet friend. 

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