Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Bennett | 18 Months

Pictures from his 18 month well-check. No shots, just a finger prick to check iron (at my request because he is constantly wanting to eat ice--thankfully his iron is fine!)

Bennett was officially 18 months old on June 4th. I cannot believe my sweet boy is one and a half! He is growing into such a fun, independent, WILD, toddler & I love every second of it. I will admit though, there are days where I am super emotional over him getting older. Pregnancy hormones, maybe? Either way it is so bittersweet to see the little baby in him slip further and further away everyday. I love that we can communicate and that he is developing his own personality and I am starting to realize that every phase truly is my "favorite" : )

Height/Weight: 25lbs & 33in. His weight has really mellowed out the last 6 months and he hasn't really gained much but that's because he's been growing like a weed and is in the 80th% for height! Tall & skinny! 

Hair: Bennett has had seven haircuts and is pretty much on a 4 week rotation with them now. He has started getting his haircut by the same lady who has cut his daddy's hair for the last 10 years which is fun. 

Eyes: The prettiest blue ever

Clothes: BT has the tiniest little waist and still wears mostly 6-12m shorts. Some of his shorts and Jon Jons from last year still fit because he has just gotten taller not wider. He wears mostly 18m-2t shirts. 

Diapers: Size 4. He has recently started taking his diaper off if he doesn't have shorts on and telling us when he needs a new diaper. We are not anywhere near ready for potty training but it is encouraging that he is starting the beginning signs of being ready. With Shep due just before BT's second birthday I am not even going to think about trying to PT until at least next summer. 

Sleeping: Bennett goes to bed at 7:00pm and sleeps until 6:45-7:00am. He takes two naps a day, one around 9:00am and the other around 4:00pm for about an hour and a half each. We are going to try to transition to one long afternoon (around 1:00) nap this summer because that's the schedule he will be on in when he goes back to daycare in the fall, but I sure am going to miss those morning naps ; )

Likes: Doing anything and everything by himself! He is so independent and does not want help with anything..until he realizes he can't do whatever it is he is trying to do and then will grab our hands and direct us where he wants us. It's funny but also a little annoying because I want him to be a baby and need his mommy more. 

Dislikes: Bennett still HATES getting his diaper and clothes changed. Apparently it's only at home with us because he doesn't do it at church or daycare so who knows but it's literally like wrestling an alligator. 

Eating: He pretty much eats anything he wants at this point. He is starting to be a little more picky about the things he likes but still has a pretty hearty appetite most meals. For breakfast he loves mini pancakes, bananas, and any kind of cereal. For lunch he usually eats some sort of sandwich with deli meat or left overs from dinner the night before. His favorite meal at dinner time is alfredo pasta. He eats SO much of it! Loves his carbs just like his mama ; )

Milestones: Bennett is saying SO many words and repeats everything! 

Baby items we can't live without: We are really enjoying our City Select stroller. This is the stroller we will use when Shep arrives since it's intended to be used as a double so I've started using it more regularly with Bennett and I just love how easy it is to use and that I have so many options for seat configurations and a ton of storage space underneath. We also couldn't live without outdoor toys. Bennett wants to be outside every second of the day. He mostly enjoys his Little Tikes truck, his slide, his sandbox, and his water table. 

I'm going to continue these fun updates every 6 months with Bennett because it's such a fun way to keep track of his development and look back and see all that he was into around certain ages. I have a baby book for him that I still fill out but this is just a lot easier ; )

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  1. I can't believe he is getting so big!! He's going to be the sweetest big brother!