Monday, June 13, 2016

Family Beach Trip 2016 | St. Augustine

Our family has been going to St. Augustine for as long as I can remember. It's one of my favorite beaches and we really enjoy vacationing there. Last year we went with my entire extended family on my mom's side. This year it was just my immediate family but we still had a GREAT time and it was really nice to get to spend so much time together!

We left Wednesday morning around 5:30am and arrived by lunch time. We have never left at this time for a trip so I wasn't sure how Bennett would do waking up that early but he actually did really well and we have definitely decided he travels much better during the early part of the day than any other time. I thought he would go back to sleep but he actually stayed awake for a while and only fell asleep at his scheduled nap time. We stocked up on tons of DVD's before the trip so that definitely helped keep him and CG (who insisted on riding with us because of the DVD player ha!) occupied.

We spent the first afternoon on the beach and I was so happy to see that Bennett did much better this time than he did on our spring break trip. When we went to Siesta Key for spring break Bennett was ALL OVER THE PLACE when we went to the beach. He wouldn't stay near us and play and just wanted to roam everywhere. I think having Carolyne-Grace there really helped keep him occupied.

That night we had decided to go to dinner at our favorite place, Osteins, but found out when we pulled up they were closed for vacation. We were so bummed but remembered another place we liked that was just down the street so we headed there. After dinner we walked over to the downtown area to get ice cream. We decided to take a family selfie and it will forever be my favorite picture of all of us together! I love the faces Bennett and Carolyne-Grace are making ha!!

We spent all day Thursday at Disney and then hit up the pool + beach all day on Friday. My parents old neighbors and good friends moved to Jacksonville a couple of years ago so they came over and spent the day with us. It was nice to catch up with them and see their boys. Bennett enjoyed hanging out with them too!

We ended up getting Salt Water Cowboys togo that night so the kids could swim late. We always like to take it easy a couple of nights too just because getting ready and going out to eat every night takes a lot of effort with kids!!

Saturday was a full on beach day! We set up the tailgate tent and spent most of our day under it because we were all burnt but it was such a fun, relaxing day. Bennett played so hard and took a long afternoon nap before we went to dinner. We went to the Conch house and got to eat in our own little tiki hut. It was so much fun and the kids loved being up high and being able to see the boats. The food was really good too! We will definitely remember it for next year. After dinner CG really wanted to play putt-putt so we found a place close by and went and played.

unfortunately I didn't get to enjoy these since I'm pregnant.. but they were too pretty to not snap a picture!

We had a lot of fun until about half way through. I posted this picture on Instagram with the caption "right before all hell broke loose on our night. BT fell and busted his lip, he cried for the next 10 holes, then he pooped and got it all over his clothes, freaked out when we were changing his diaper because he has a terrible diaper rash because of nasty diapers from teething & then ad came a mm away from backing into a car on the way out. just proof that life on IG ain't what it really is most of the time." I really need to share more "real" moments like that so y'all do think I've got it all together..because I promise I don't a lot of the time ; )

Adam and I decided to head back home Sunday morning instead of later that afternoon since Bennett was so ill the night before. He has 4 teeth coming in and was just a mess. The rest of my family stayed until Monday. We are so thankful for the chance to vacation with my family and can't wait to continue our yearly beach tradition next year!

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