Monday, June 6, 2016

June Goals

May Goals
1. Continue working (if not finish..) the boys' room.
2. End the school year and begin my summer as a stay at home mama!

3. Make a citronella candle (random, but we've been talking about doing it forever and just haven't done it yet..)
4. Do a fun painting project with BT for a surprise for a sweet friend. 

May was an insane month. I always forget how hectic the last month of school is. There is always SO much going on and the month just flies by. I am so happy to be home for the summer with Bennett. We have already had so much fun (beach + disney, what could be better?!). I can't wait to spend my days with him!! We have a pretty busy month ahead with a lot of travel but I'm excited to take advantage of my summer freedom (after I work a couple days this week at a learning summit..)

June Goals
1. Continue working on the boys' room. I want to wash all of Shep's clothes and organize his drawers. I also want to finish getting Bennett's new bed ready. & I still need to find bedding.
2. Make a citronella candle + complete other projects with our essential oils. 
3. Work on my maternity leave plans
4. Book our Babymoon!

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