Thursday, June 9, 2016

Our Current Schedule {Vol. 3}

I always love seeing what a "typical" day looks like for other moms and I've enjoyed sharing what our days look like as well (Vol. 1 and Vol. 2). I am officially home with Bennett for the next 9 weeks so our schedule looks a lot different now than it does during the school year but I wanted to give an update on how things are going with our schedule and share a "day in the life."

We are still using, and loving, the Moms on Call schedule. It has been essential for us to keep BT on a schedule. As he's gotten older we've been able to be a little more flexible with his times but for the most part he is a creature of habit and does things close to the same time everyday on his own.

This is the recommended daily schedule for a 15-18 month old (we haven't transitioned to the 18m+ schedule because that would require him to give up his morning nap. we're working towards that but right now we're still doing two.)

7:00 wake up
7:30 breakfast
9:00 nap
10:30 snack
12:00 lunch
12:30/1:00 nap
3:00 snack
5:00 supper
6:30 bath
7:00 bedtime

Here is what our day looked like one day this week...

6:45 Bennett woke up and drank his milk on the couch with me while he watched Little Einsteins **He typically wakes up anywhere from 6:30-7:00. If he happens to wake up any earlier we do not go in his room and 99% of the time he falls back asleep.

7:30 Adam took Bennett on a quick walk on our street while I caught up on one of my shows and got breakfast ready

7:45 Bennett had eggs, blueberries, and toast for breakfast. He is a really good eater and will eat pretty much anything we give him. His favorites for breakfast are mini pancakes, french toast sticks, toast, and eggs. He also loves the occasional taste of bacon and grits when Adam & I are eating them ; )

8:30 I decided to go get Chickfila, and should have known better leaving this close to nap time, because Bennett fell asleep in the car. I decided to just drive around for a little while and eat my breakfast while he napped. I went and looked at a couple neighborhoods we have been eyeing and then headed back home.

When we got home we played outside for a while, had a snack (strawberries), and played in his playroom. & then Shugie and Carolyne-Grace stopped by with smoothies! Bennett had strawberry-banana and loved it..until he spilt it all over my living room rug : /

11:30 we had lunch a little early today since I had a ton of errands to run. Bennett had ham on a Hawaiian roll (his favorite!) with some apple slices and popcorn. I had PB&J and popcorn...we're fancy around here ; )

12:00 Bennett and I went to Old Navy, Marshalls, Target, and Michaels. I have said this from day one, but getting out and about with Bennett is always a good idea. He loves being on the go and is just a happy little camper the whole time. Give him a snack, a sippy cup, and a paci and he is good for hours.

2:00 We got home from running errands and Bennett had another snack (cheese slices) and some milk.

2:30 Bennett usually goes down for a nap around 3:00/3:30 but he was overly tired after being out so I put him down at 2:30. He fell asleep pretty quickly and I took care of some business with AT&T (#boring) // this is part of the MOC schedule that I don't follow usually. At daycare he takes a nap at 3:00 so I try to keep that the same at home. I am working on transitioning him to an earlier nap time though because it works better for me.

4:30 Bennett woke up and drank some more milk on the couch with me. He never wakes up very good and always needs a few minutes of snuggles to be fully happy. I don't mind it one bit because he NEVER cuddles otherwise.

5:00 Adam got home and we hung out for a while playing with Bennett.

6:30 Normally at this time one of us (usually me) would give Bennett a bath but this particular day we were meeting some friends for dinner. Typically we would never go to dinner this late but our friends just moved 30 minutes away from us vs the 2.5 hours that they used to be so we decided to go anyway. Thankfully it wasn't an issue.

8:30 We got home and put Bennett to sleep. Once he was asleep we got ready for bed, watched the Bachelorette, and passed out!

Having a day where we follow the schedule exactly rarely happens but I love having it as a guideline. It was especially helpful in his younger days and I know it will be essential once Shep arrives!

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